Conservatorship of Doris M. Rich

Arden Van Upp
2550 Webster Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 929-7500

June 29, 1996

Tosh Yamamoto
930 Florin Road, # 200
Sacramento CA 95831
Re: Doris M. Rich, P34215
Dear Mr. Yamamoto,

I am enraged to receive your "SUPPLEMENTAL FIRST ACCOUNT" to the court dated June 27, 1996.

You keep stating: "There are two promissory notes by family members, TAMMY VAN UPP, granddaughter, and ARDEN VAN UPP, daughter."

As I have stated many times, this is absolutely untrue. There has never been a promissory note between me and my mother. No such note exists. In addition, as I have informed you several times previously, my mother says that I do not owe her anything.

My daughter did sign a promissory note with my mother, after my mother paid her income taxes in 1991. However, on October 19, 1993, my mother signed another document in which she forgave that indebtedness. She did this in the presence of a notary public. Thus, my daughter does not owe my mother any money..

In other matters in your report, you state that you have hired Myrna Rich to perform maintenance and to collect the rents for the properties in Vallejo. This is outrageous. The reason always given for having a conservator appointed for the estate of my mother in the first place was that Myrna has a long history of embezzling money from her mother, of taking the rental checks from her mother's property for her own use and of leaving apartments vacant for years when they could have been rented. I have written you a dozen letters complaining about this. Yet, you still continue "employ" Myrna. It is obvious that what you are really doing is paying off both Myrna and Neel by giving them money to insure their continued support for having Mr. Moore as the conservator. So far in the past year, you have paid them more than $11,000.

There is obviously no point to having you as a "third party" conservator, if you are simply going to "hire" Myrna and Neel to do the job.

Very Truly Yours,

Arden Rich

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