Clarence Thomas - First Nazi Ever to Serve on the United States Supreme Court

Most of us do not spend much time reading decisions of the United States Supreme Court. This is a good thing, because those of us who do read decisions of that court are quickly able to realize one thing: We have one member on that court who is a Nazi. His name is Clarence Thomas.
Clarence Thomas - First Nazi Ever to Serve on the United States Supreme Court

Do you thing I am exaggerating? Am I making this up? If you think that Clarence Thomas is not really a Nazi, then try reading some of his judicial opinions.

Fortunately, Thomas is regularly outvoted 8-1 by the other members of that court.

Now that I have started reading his opinions, I realize that Anita Hill sacrificed her career to try to keep this monster off of the United States Supreme Court. I believe that Hill was lying, but that she knew what would happen if Thomas ever got on the court.


My opinion that Clarence Thomas is a Nazi has absolutely nothing to do with the Anita Hill case, contrary to what several readers have suggested.

Look at the decisions where Thomas was in an 8-1 minority, where nobody else on the court agreed with him. Thomas consistently wants to abolish all the constitutional rights which were elucidated by previous courts.

You will find that Clarence Thomas consistently advocates a totalitarian state, with all rights of the individual having been stripped away.

I personally backed Clarence Thomas in the Anita Hill case, because I felt that there was nothing there to form a basis to deprive Clarence Thomas of a position on the United States Supreme Court.

Sam Sloan

Here are some Supreme Court decisions (not necessarily by Thomas):
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