Join the 35,000 Feet High Club Today!

Yes, now you too can become a member of the 35,000 Feet High Club. No dues to pay. All you have to do is send by e-mail your statement certifying that, while 35,000 feet or higher in an airplane (toilet or cockpit) during a flight, you have had sexual intercourse with a person of the opposite sex.

Last week, my club was the subject of a feature article in the Wall Street Journal, for June 10, 1998, page 1, left hand column, entitled “Plane Misbehavior: In the Skies Today, A Weird New Worry: Sexual Misconduct”.

In order to become a full member of the club, you must have experienced sexual orgasm on the flight which, if you are male, means you must have ejaculated inside the woman's vagina while airborne 35,000 feet or more up.

If you are a woman, there are two ways to join. Either you had an orgasm yourself or the man ejaculated inside you while 35,000 feet up.

If you did not achieve orgasm, you can still become an associate member, as long as there was full penetration.

President Clinton gropes then Airline Stewardess Debra Schiff while on a 1992 campaign flight. Schiff is now White House Receptionist.

The following categories of persons are not included in this club (but they can form their own club): Gays, lesbians, persons who ejaculated as the result of masturbation, persons who used condoms.

This club right now has two signed up members. (Guess who they are.)

There must be tens of thousands more out there who are qualified to join, but have just not bothered to sign up.

Guess who our honorary president is (even though we are not entirely sure whether he is qualified to join, although he probably is)?

The existence of the 35,000 Feet High Club was first revealed in the 1960s movie by Alan Silliphant a.k.a. Alf Sillman Jr. entitled "The Stewardesses".

(P.S. You do not really need to send in a membership application to join the 35,000 Feet High Club. All you really need to do is meet the stringent standards to join. Then, you will be entitled to say that you are a member of the 35,000 Feet High Club. Be sure to rush out and join right away, if you have not already done so!)

Here is a link: Cristy Zercher, allowed the President to grope her for 40 minutes during a flight.

UPDATE: I have received several confessionals from people who joined the 35,000 Feet High Club, explaining how they joined. I am sure that this club has thousands of members and that membership is much more common than most realize.

A typical letter came from a woman who said that she had sex with the pilot in the cockpit. Another writer said that he had sex with a stewardess on the second floor of a 747, where there were beds arranged for tired flight attendants. (I would be interested to learn if such facilities exist on 747s.)

I myself joined the club with my girlfriend at the time standing up in the toilet.

If I get a few more letters like this, I will collect them and make a web page out of them.

Please send me your confessionals. You can be sure that I will delete all identifying information, so that the actual authors will remain unknown.

I only hope that some good will come out of this, in that more people will be induced to join the club.

Sam Sloan

Here are: Confessionals I have received from people who say that they are members of the 35,000 Feet High Club .

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