The "Crime Scene"

In this bed, Passion Julinsey and Sam Sloan slept together almost every night from November 11, 1997, when Passion arrived in New York City from Dallas, Texas to live with Sam, until January 18, 1998, when Passion abruptly moved out and one month later, on February 19, had Sam arrested. Passion usually slept on the left side of their bed near the miniature Eiffel Tower Wrabbit puzzle which Sam had originally bought as a birthday present for his daughter Shamema. Sam usually slept on the right side of their bed.

The case was dismissed by Judge Kay of the Brooklyn Criminal Court without any objection from the DA. However, at Passion Julinsey's strenuous insistence, the case was later reinstated by A.D.A. Pickering and is still pending.

Passion Julinsey claims that although she and Sam did sleep in the same bed together every night from November 11 until January 18, their relationship was Platonic and the only reason they slept in the same bed together was that it was cold in the house and they had only one electric blanket.

The Crime Scene

Passion is very aggressively pushing this case. The case was in court again on May 20 and was adjourned again. I have done everything I can possibly think of to resolve this problem. Here are two more letters I wrote about this: Letter dated March 5, 1998 and Letter dated March 26, 1998.

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