I have Passion's Zodiac Chart

Yesterday, I was installing a new image editor that I had just downloaded from the World Wide Web in connection with a movie script I have written in which one of the characters is based on Passion Julinsey. I decided to use this new editor to delete some old image files. I was just about to delete a file which I could not read very well, when suddenly I realized that I had stumbled onto Passion's Zodiac Chart.

When Passion moved out of my house on January 18, 1998, she destroyed or took with her everything and even every piece of paper which had her name on it. Even my tape recorder is missing. As a result, I could not prove that she has ever been here.

However, while here, Passion used my computer and the web to check her astrology chart almost every day. What she perhaps did not realize is that Microsoft Explorer saves all images in a cache file. The cache file is periodically emptied to make room for new files. However, at about the time that Passion moved out of my house, I stopped using Microsoft Explorer and started using Netscape. As a result, all of the Internet files which were in that cache when Passion last used it are still there. This includes Passion's Zodiac chart, although I did not realize this until last night.

This Zodiac chart is extremely detailed. It gives the exact date, hour and precise coordinates of Passion's birth, which occurred on October 31, 1973 near Bangkok, Thailand, plus a wealth of technical details concerning her birth which only experienced Zodiac chartists can understand.

I now have from the point of view of a person who believes in Astrology everything that there is to know about Passion. All of the most intimate details and secrets about Passion Julinsey are revealed by this Zodiac chart.

This chart was created in my home using my computer. The chart clearly belongs to me.

The chart shows that she was born as Pachuan Wongsrikul on October 31, 1973 at 11:21 AM at location 13 N 45 and 100 E 31. From there, the calculations begin.

I believe that Passion should be informed of this. I was in court again on Friday, July 12 in connection with the case which Passion has brought against me. The DA offered to reduce the charges to a violation (which is not a crime) provided that I agree to sex therapy and a stay away order from Passion. I immediately rejected this offer, but I later regretted acting so hastily because I should have inquired about the details of this sex counseling which the DA wants me to undergo.

Passion will probably not succeed in her goal of sending me to prison, and for good reason, because I did not do anything remotely wrong to her. To the contrary, she was the aggressor. She did many wrong things to me. She even continued to use my telephone calling card and charged all of her calls home to her family to my telephone bill, up until April 1, 1998, when I moved and changed telephone numbers. Around a dozen of her calls home came on my February and March bills. All of these charge calls were from her number at work in New York to her sister and mother in Dallas.

I would like for the following ultimatum to be communicated to Passion: I will give her 24 hours to call me on the telephone (my number is listed with directory information) and tell me that she is dropping all the charges against me and that she will not do any more what she has been doing to me.

If she does not call me within 24 hours, I AM GOING TO PUBLISH PASSION'S ZODIAC CHART ON THE INTERNET.

So that you can see how serious this is, I am sending you the chart by e-mail. This is a fantastically detailed chart, providing much more information about Passion than one would normally see on a chart of this sort.

I would also like to point out that it is in Passion's best interest that she drop the court case against me. The case is scheduled for trial on July 8. In order to obtain a conviction of me, Passion is going to have to testify in court and she is going to have to lie many times. For example, the DA apparently believes that Passion and I were not sleeping in the same bed together and that we had separate rooms in my house. The truth is that, with the exception of about three nights, Passion and I slept in the same bed together every night from the night she arrived from Dallas and moved into my home on November 11, 1997 until she moved out on January 18, 1998. Moreover, on the morning of the incident in question, I was still in bed and had just woken up when Passion, who was laying in bed beside me, stated the altercation in which she now claims that I tried to rape her.

I have proof of this because when the two police officers who Passion called came, they were able to observe that there was only one bed in the house and that we had obviously been sleeping in the same bad together. When they asked Passion about this, she changed her story and finally admitted this, but said that the reason we were sleeping in the same bed together was that we had only one electric blanket and it was too cold in the house to sleep in separate beds. This is one of the reasons why the police did not arrest me. Passion later went to different police officers on numerous occasions, all of whom refused to arrest me on this sort of charge. Finally, a full month latter, Passion went to the DA's office, told the DA a different story from what she had told the police, and got the DA to charge me.

By doing this, Passion places herself in more jeopardy than she places me. It is extremely unlikely (but I admit far from impossible) that I will go to jail over this. It seems far more likely that Passion could get into serious trouble for lying so many times to so many people in ways that I can ultimately prove.

I realize that publishing Passion's picture on the Internet was not much of an inducement to get her to drop the charges against me. Before she even invited me to come down and stay in Dallas with her, she had read my entire Internet web site, all of the more than 700 pages of it. (My site now has more than one thousand pages). Passion knew that I had published on the World Wide Web photographs of 29 of my former girlfriends, several of whom were from Thailand. Therefore, Passion obviously knew that I was going to publish her picture on the Internet too, making her number 30. She obviously wanted that. She has told me many times that she likes it when men lust after her and desire her. Even though she will never admit it, I am sure she is happy that the picture of her which I have posted on the internet receives about 100 hits per day.

However, Passion will not be happy to have her Zodiac chart published, because in her view that will provide to everybody the most intimate details and secrets about her.

For this reason, I am giving Passion 24 hours to call me on the telephone, apologize and convince me not to publish her Zodiac chart. I am not going to communicate this to Passion directly. I have not contacted her since she moved out of my home on January 18, 1998. I prefer to have an intermediary contact Passion and tell her how very serious I am sure she will feel this situation to be.

Sam Sloan

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