More about the Curse of the Mummy on the Titanic

Sometime after the sinking, several New York newspapers revealed the truth behind the Titanic's demise.

The real reason for the disaster, they claimed, lay within Titanic's hold. There, inside a sarcophagus, was a mummified body of an Egyptian princess being shipped to America for a private collector. The mummy was cursed, and when the unthinkable happened, the collector bribed the crew to put the mummy in a lifeboat.

Safely in America, the mummy brought such bad luck to the collector that he shipped it back to Europe on the ship Empress of Ireland--which sank with the loss of hundreds of lives. Somehow, the mummy was saved again.

The owner now decided to return it to Egypt on a third ship, the Lusitania, which was torpedoed by a German submarine.

Presumably, the princess is now sleeping undisturbed at the bottom of the Irish Channel.

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Here is a story from the Washington Post about the Mummy's Curse: Research Ship May Have to Halt Effort to Locate the Titanic", The Washington Post, 17 August 1980, p. A20.

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