Even More about the Mummy on the Titanic

Because of this posting, I went into the archives of alt.folklore.urban.

The version of the story posted there is extremely poor. I believe that it comes from a book entitled "The World's Greatest Ghosts" by Nigel Blundell, Published in 1984. It said that the mummy was purchased in 1910 in Egypt by an archaeologist named Murray.

Apparently, no archaeologist named Murray ever existed and that version of the story is easily refuted.

What I have done is take somebody else's version (I do not know who the original author is and I would like to find out) and I have made a large number of changes and corrections, so what I have posted is airtight and cannot be refuted.

I do not really know if there was a mummy on the Titanic. Nobody can know that for sure. In fact, there were at least four stowaways on the Titanic who survived, and their names were never recorded. There are also numerous cases of people who claimed to be survivors of the Titanic, and yet their names are not on the passenger manifest. Nevertheless, many of these claims are probably true.

There were also card sharks on the Titanic traveling under assumed names. This is probably the reason why, in the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio is depicted as being a card player. Nobody ever found out the real names of those persons. (There was a person named James Dawson who went down with the ship, incidentally.)

Molly Brown went around among the survivors and collected their names, which is one reason why we have as good a list as we do of those who survived. This also helped make her even more famous than she already was and she later became "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" in the Broadway musical.

Nevertheless, Molly Brown did not get the names of everybody, so we still do not know and never will know exactly who lived, much less exactly who died.

Since not only did many people die on the Titanic that we do not know who they were but even there were at least four stowaways who lived that we do not know their names, who can say that among the thousands of boxes loaded on the Titanic there was not at least one mummy?

It is an absolute fact that survivors of the Titanic arrived in New York with stories of a mummy having been on board. Apparently, even many writers did not want to write about this, for fear of disturbing the mummy.

Sam Sloan


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