Listen Girls! If you Want to Meet Leonardo DiCaprio, you gotta see me first!

Leonardo DiCaprio arrives at the New York premier of his new movie "Man in the Iron Mask" at the Ziegfeld theater Monday March 2. The star of "Titanic" plays twin prince brothers in the MGM film.

This was all due to me, of course!
Leonardo DiCaprio

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Girls: If you want me to introduce you to Leonardo DiCaprio, you should Be a Member of the 35,000 Feet High Club. (If you are not already a member, I would be willing to help you join.)

UPDATE: Leonardo Di Caprio has gone to court and obtained an injunction prohibiting the publication of nude photos of himself. Therefore, I believe that the above link is not valid in that they are not selling nude photos of Leonardo Di Caprio any more. In the interest of freedom of speech, I am leaving up the above link. Proceed at your own risk and, if you do not find the photos you want, please do not blame me. I have no connection with the Playgirl web site.

Sam Sloan

FURTHER UPDATE: I have found another web site which contains about a dozen photos of Leo nude. The photos are disgusting and objectionable. I have decided not to put in a link to them. (There are some things that even I will not do.) Also, a caption states: "some pics are real, some fake". I certainly hope that all of them are fake. I have decided to hide the links to these photos in this web site in case they turn out to be real, and I need to activate them. I must say that all of the photos look real and convincing.

STILL FURTHER UPDATE: The nude photos of Leo, real or fake, on a gay site in France have been taken down.

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