Correspondence with Dolly Kyle Browning

TOP NEWS STORY: July 15, 1998: Clinton friend accuses him of defaming her to stop book.

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People who I write about on my web site sometimes write letters to me, usually to complain, but occasionally to thank me for saying something about them. (Nobody has ever sent me e-mail asking me to take their name or photograph off my site completely. They usually just want me to say something nicer about them, or to correct errors.)

I might add that people who ignore my web site do so at their peril. Nebraska Republican Jon Christensen was in first place in the polls on May 7 when I posted my web site about his political campaign against oral sex. He went down to defeat and finished third with just 28% of the vote when the election was held only five days later! (The big creep really deserved it by the way.)

My web site gets at least 25,000 hits per day on a regular basis and is starting to have some influence.

Here is correspondence I exchanged with the one and only actual Dolly Kyle Browning, President Clinton's acknowledged high school girlfriend. It started with a letter from her husband:

While doing a search about my lovely wife Dolly, I was directed to your website. I do not appreciate the disrespectful way that you have portrayed my wife. She has a very important and true story to tell and by portraying her as you do, it undermines her credibility. Yes, she made some big mistakes in her life. She got help for her problems, (and encouraged Clinton to do the same) changed her life, and is a high quality human being. Just to set the record straight: Dolly graduated top 25% of her class from SMU Law School. She is a foremost authority in the nation on the issues of the low income homeowner and founded Lawyers for Affordable Housing, the first pro bono legal service of its kind in the US to deal with these issues. She has been a lecturer for the Texas Bar and the ABA on related topics. She has been recognized by the Texas Bar Foundation as a Fellow, an honor limited to 1/3 of 1% of Texas Lawyers. On top of all of this, she is an accomplished pianist, a published and recorded songwriter, ASCAP member, and a voting member of the Country Music Association. Her novel PURPOSES OF THE HEART has been acclaimed by readers as a powerful piece of writing and she is 200 pages into the second novel of the trilogy (the third is outlined). I don't know if you really care about the truth or if you are just some crackpot who likes putting whatever crap you can come up with on the net. While your publication of her declaration is accurate, the reference to Dolly as a "woman he actually fucked" is certainly less than flattering. I do hope that you will correct your references to Dolly. She deserves much more respect than your critique gives her-"Doc" Browning, Proud Husband and Publisher of PURPOSES OF THE HEART.
From: Sam Sloan
To: Robert "Doc" Browning
Date: Friday, April 17, 1998 8:32 AM
Subject: Re: Dolly Kyle Browning

I would like you to address one very important question.

I have read in several places that her story has been "discredited" and proven to be untrue.

If so, how has it been proven to be untrue and what is your response to this?

I do not believe that my web page is that unfavorable. Most readers seem to regard it as favorable.

What I have said about your wife is at least more favorable that what anybody else has said that I have read.

I am quite willing to take out the word "fuck" and put in some other word. Suggestions would be appreciated.

Sam Sloan

Dear Mr. Sloan, whenever you read that my story has been discredited, you should ask the writer for the basis for that statement. The passive voice phrase "has been discredited" is a classic issued by the White House damage control team, and only lazy, irresponsible journalists would fall for it. On the other hand, my story was corroborated by the White House for over three years, until I broke our "deal" by telling the truth under oath when I was deposed in the Paula Jones case. Reporters from The Washington Post, CNN, and Texas Monthly Magazine (among others) all "checked out" my story with the White House and know it to be true. In spite of his previous stance (1959-1997) regarding me, Billy Clinton recently lied under oath about our relationship. Worse, he fabricated notes about an incident and induced another person to back up his lies. These matters are serious to me, and they are serious to others. You will hear more about it as the news unfolds. I have neither the time nor the inclination to "prove" my story to you, nor to look at your website and make suggestions for its improvement. I am answering your e-mail to my husband because he is not available today, and we often pinch-hit for each other. Realizing your crude use of "the F word" on a website, I wonder why I am spending time on this, but I will suggest to you a more appropriate summary: "I had a 33-year relationship with Billy Clinton which began when we were children. Later, we engaged in an adulterous affair, for which I have repented." If you want more explanation, you could add: "Both of us suffered from a sexual addiction. I got help, and he didn't. I am living a decent life, and he is living in a continually-expanding web of lies to maintain and conceal his addiction." I hope that you will try to use the internet for improving the situation in the world, instead of adding to its deterioration. This form of communication holds tremendous possibilities for "good" (as did television) and I hate to see anyone pandering to the lowest common denominator with it. ~ Dolly Kyle Browning
From: Sam Sloan
To: Dolly Kyle Browning
Date: Friday, April 17, 1998 9:22 AM
Subject: Re: Dolly Kyle Browning

Dear Dolly Kyle Browning,

Before I just got your letter, I made a change to my web page, by taking out the "F-word".

My statement that your story is said to be discredited is not something that I have said. It is all over the World Wide Web. Search for everything about you except my web site and you will probably find this statement.

I believe that it is on the Washington Post web site at

Anyway, I am quite open to changes on my web site. I will make some changes tonight when I get home from work.

I previously exchanged correspondence with a person who identified himself as your webmaster. He said that you do not personally read your e-mail (but he wrote from this same address). Finally, he told me not to write him any more and I have not done so.

I am not interested in hurting anybody. After thinking about this tonight, I will try to make appropriate changes.

Sam Sloan

Dolly Kyle Browning in High School when she was Bill Clinton’s Girlfriend

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