Jerry Falwell has just Received a $70,000,000 Donation: All is forgiven Jerry! Welcome back.

Jerry Falwell is $153 million in debt. Most of this money he got from Savings and Loan Associations which collapsed. Although he personally guaranteed the money, he never had to pay it back, which greatly contributed to the savings and loan collapse and the resultant economic crisis and bail out by the federal government.

However, Jerry Falwell has just received a donation of $70 million from a man who hopes thereby to Get Saved and Go to Heaven.
Jerry Falwell

This leaves Jerry only $83 million in the hole.

Will somebody now help out poor Jerry with the remaining $83 million?

Actually, more than a measly $83 million might be required. I have known Jerry Falwell for years and, if I know Jerry like I know Jerry, he will not use the $70 million to pay off his debt. Rather, he will go deeper into debt and use the money to expand his empire.
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