Jerry Falwell speaks out against Teletubbies

Jerry Falwell, who kidnapped my eight-year-old daughter Shamema, and is holding her prisoner in his Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia, stepped into a new controversy when he suggested that Tinky Winky, one of the Teletubby characters, is gay.
Tinky Winky - He sure looks gay to me!

THE ARTICLE, in the February edition of Falwell's publication, the National Liberty Journal, notes that Tinky Winky has the voice of a boy yet carries a purse.

"He is purple the gay-pride color; and his antenna is shaped like a triangle the gay-pride symbol," the story says.

Falwell, the founder of the now-defunct Moral Majority, contends the "subtle depictions" are intentional and in a statement issued Tuesday said, "As a Christian, I feel that role modeling the gay lifestyle is damaging to the moral lives of children."

What do you think? Falwell says the Teletubby is Gay. Express your opinion in the guestbook!
Jerry FalwellTinky Winky
It takes one to know one - Jerry Falwell peeks into the closet to find the Real Gay

Note: Several readers have expressed disbelief at my statement that the Falwell organization kidnapped my daughter and is holding her prisoner now. However, my statement can be proven. Just go to Jerry Falwell's Thomas Road Baptist Church on Thomas Road in Lynchburg, Virginia almost any weekday, and my daughter will be there. Then, try to approach and speak to her. You will find that she is closely watched and guarded and that no outsider is allowed to speak to her.

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