Who is James Gilmore?

At 0543 PM 1/2/99 +0000, Adam Mills wrote
>Sam, > I've just read that bit on your page on James Gilmore, and the
>kidnapping of your daughter. I have absolutely no idea who Gilmore
>is...is he still Governor of Virginia? Is your daughter okay? And what
>did he have to do with the kidnapping of her? If I'm being too invasive
>tell me to shut up.
> And also do you have any links for anything concerning Jeffrey Dahmer?
>Adam Mills
James Gilmore


James Gilmore is the Governor of Virginia.

Gilmore was Assistant Attorney General and later Attorney General of Virginia when my daughter was kidnapped. Not only did he not have the kidnappers arrested, but he allowed me to be prosecuted for my perfectly legal efforts to get her back. They were trying to have me sentenced to 15 years in prison, even though I could demonstrably prove that I was not guilty of anything.

My daughter is not okay. She has never been recovered.

It is clear that Gilmore knew about the plans to kidnap my daughter, even before the kidnapping occurred. One of his subordinates, Barbara J. Gaden, was involved in the kidnappings of both my mother and my daughter.

Sam Sloan

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