The Good Guys - Those Who Voted to Allow Debate on OMOV at the USCF Delegates Meeting in Hawaii

The delegates pictured below voted against a motion to table without debate the following motion: "The Delegates formally adopt a One Member One Vote election system for the Policy Board, under which the adult USCF members will directly elect the Policy Board. This new system will take effect after the elections of 1999, for all subsequent elections. The Bylaws Committee is instructed to prepare specific language for Bylaws amendments, to be brought back to the Delegates for final approval at the 1999 Delegates meeting in Reno."

Pictured below are, in order: Denis Barry (AZ), Doris Barry (NJ), Bill Goichberg (NY), Brenda Goichberg (NY), Jerry Hanken (Southern CA), Ken Horne (NV), Mike Nolan (NE), Don Schultz (FL) and Garrett Scott (IL).

Also pictured is Bob Smith (FL), who abstained from voting.

Not pictured are: Richard Bauer (CT), Ralph Bowman (KS), Glen Buckendorf (ID), Walter Buehl (NY), Michael Carr (Southern CA), Audrey Colletti , Robert Holyfield (AR), George John (TX), De Knudson (SD), Lee LaFrese (MD), Myron Lieberman (AZ), David Mehler (MD), James Mennella (NY), Ralph Mikell (DC), Lawrence Reifurth (HI), Luis Salinas (TX), Joel Salman (NY), John Surlow (Southern CA), and Hal Terrie (NH).

If you should see any of these people at a chess tournament or event, you should go up and publicly thank them for at least voting to allow debate on the One Man One Vote issue.

Remember, the other side did not merely vote not to give the membership the right to vote. They voted not to allow any debate or discussion of the issue.

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