Kingmaker Sam Sloan does it again!

If you have been reading this website regularly, the name Joseph I. Lieberman will be familiar to you, because Sam Sloan has been plugging this most virtuous and upstanding of men for the past two years.

As a direct result of the fame brought to Joseph I. Lieberman by Sam Sloan, Vice-President Gore has nominated Lieberman to be his successor.
Senator Joseph I. Lieberman
Senator Joseph I. Lieberman

It is to be recalled that Lieberman was the man who was so totally without sin that he was able to cast the first stone at President Clinton.

Later, Lieberman was the author of the proposal to educate our kids by making it easy for them to learn about the birds and the bees on the Internet.

Here are some of the articles Sam Sloan has written about that most honorable of men, Joseph Lieberman, over the past two years:

Read about Senator Joseph Lieberman, a Man who is Without Sin.

United States Senator Proposes to set up Internet Sex Group

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