Prediction: Gore will defeat Bush by a 20 point margin

It is clear to me what will happen. Although Gore and Baby Bush are now in a virtual dead heat, I see that in November, Gore will be elected by a 20 percentage point margin over Bush.

"Why?", you ask.

The fact is simple: Bush is weak. He is weak of mind. He is not very smart. He is weak of body. He drinks alcohol too much. He can't think. He can't write. He says stupid things. He exudes weakness.
Texas Governor George Bush, Jr.
Texas Governor George Bush, Jr. will lose to Gore

His choice of Cheney was a good choice. If Cheney were the candidate for President, he might win. It is true that Cheney has big weaknesses, but in the bottom he has the intellectual capability to be president. Bush does not. We are talking about a guy who is just plain stupid and who does not have any offsetting good qualities to compensate.

I am not a fan of Al Gore. I have seen him up close. Did you know that Al Gore is bald in the back? There is part of his head that he never lets photographers see. I happened to see him on the pier at Jack London Square in Oakland, California a few years ago.

However, Gore has been in the spotlight for the past ten years. He has been attacked repeatedly and he has withstood those attacks. Baby Bush has not been looked at carefully. He is even a draft dodger who attacks the US Military (I am a draft dodger myself, but, unlike Baby Bush, I am proud of it and do not hesitate to tell everybody that I beat the draft). Nobody in the military is going to vote for Bush.

Once the American people put Baby Bush under a microscope, as they will in the next few weeks, they will not like what they see. Here is a man with nothing to offer. Even his website is slow and stupid. His only qualification to be president is that his father was president.

So, that it is it. The only votes Baby Bush will get are the extreme hard-core knee jerk Republicans, and even many of those will not vote for Baby Bush.
Did you know that Al Gore is bald from behind?

Sam Sloan

P.S. A fundamental truth has long been established. If you want to find out what is really going on, you do not ask the mayor, you do not ask the president, you do not ask the king.

You ask a taxi driver. They are the ones who know what is really going on.

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