My Grandmother, Mary Graham Jacobson, with her neighbors or relatives

My grandmother is the short woman, the third from the left. I do not recognize any of the other people in the photo.

My grandmother, Mary Graham, was born on June 13, 1879 and died on September 23, 1956. She married Wesley Jacobson in 1909 and then had six children in rapid succession. My mother is believed to have been conceived on her wedding night exactly.

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For photos and a letter of Elizabeth Grace Thomson, the mother of Mary Graham, see: My great grandmother, Elizabeth Grace Thomson, in 1867 and My great grandmother, Elizabeth Grace Thomson, and her two sisters in 1864.

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UPDATE: A Second Cousin has just seen this picture on my website and provided a nearly identical but better picture taken the same day of the same people.
Wyman, Mable, Mary and Robert C. Graham
Wyman, Mable, Mary and Robert C. Graham

From left to right are Wyman Graham (nephew to my grandmother), Mable Stewart Graham (my grandmother's sister-in-law), Mary Elizabeth Graham (my grandmother) and Robert C. Graham (my Grandmother's brother).

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