"Hanoi Jane" and Internet Spam

Yesterday, I received by Spam e-mail a letter which had been sent to several thousand other persons entitled I'm Not Fonda "Hanoi Jane".

I wrote back the person who has sent me the spam e-mail and said that I found the letter interesting and would be willing to publish it if the author can prove that he had the experiences which he claimed that he had.
Jane Fonda

The person who sent me the e-mail wrote me back and said that he had contacted the author, and the author did not want it published.

I then contacted that author and found out that he had not written it either.

I have now found out that this same message has been posted 685 times within the past three months on various newsgroups and in each case the poster has used a fake name or no name.

These postings have been on a wide variety of newsgroups unrelated to the War in Viet Nam, such as rec.motorcycles.harley .

The letter is highly slanderous, so slanderous that it might even result in the intended target, Jane Fonda, being killed.

This raises free speech issues. I have found the Internet very helpful because through the Internet I have been able to publicize the fact that my daughter, Shamema Honzagool Sloan, was kidnapped nine years ago with the active involvement of officials of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Even though my daughter is still kidnapped and the kidnappers have never been arrested, perhaps my messages have saved other children from being similarly kidnapped by the same corrupt officials.

In addition, had the World Wide Web existed back in 1990 when my daughter was kidnapped, perhaps the kidnappers would not have dared undertake this criminal act for which they may still yet be prosecuted, especially since there is no statute of limitations for the kidnapping of a child.

At the same time, my messages are not anonymous, unlike the messages attacking "Hanoi Jane." Everybody knows who I am. Nobody knows who is circulating these messages against Jane Fonda who, in my view, is a great patriot because of her opposition to the War in Vietnam.

Because it is so slanderous, I will not post here the letter attacking Jane Fonda. Here is my answer and the reply to my answer, however. I am also providing the e-mail address of the person who sent me and several thousand others the "Hanoi Jane" letter. You can write him and perhaps he will provide it to you.

The problem with your letter is it is not signed. You are anonymous.

I would consider publishing your letter if I knew who you were and could verify that you were indeed a prisoner of war.

I was especially interested in the point where you said that the prisoners of war each secretly handed Jane Fonda a small note, and that she then turned all of these notes over to the Vietnamese.

I was an anti-war protester, demonstrating against the War in Vietnam in the 1960s. I am proud of it and do not hesitate to tell anybody about it. I successfully evaded the draft. I am proud of that too.

You will notice that I sign my name, my real name, at the bottom of this letter.

If I had experienced the things which you say that you experienced, I would be trying to tell as many as people as possible about it.

Since you do not provide your name or any verifiable information, I am inclined to believe that you are not a person you claim to be.

Sam Sloan

From: "Field Marshal D.J." ( gr.jones@home.com )
Subject: Re: I'm Not Fonda "Hanoi Jane"
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 23:24:15 -0500

Good evening,

I contacted the author of the post, but he declined your offer to publish it.

Thanks for your interest, anyway (if it were up to me, I would take your offer, but it's not mine to give).


I am sure that the actual reason is the story is fake.

Sam Sloan

From: "Field Marshal D.J." ( gr.jones@home.com )
To: "Sam Sloan"
Subject: Re: I'm Not Fonda "Hanoi Jane"
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 09:10:54 -0500
>I am sure that the actual reason is the story is fake.

I think not. You can see the original post on news:alt.fan.heinlein
Contact the man yourself from there.


I just checked alt.fan.heinlein

The poster there, William Dennis, has admitted that he did not write it. He got it from somewhere else, just as you got it from him.

I feel it is reprehensible for you to send out by Spam e-mail slanderous and unverifiable information which may even get somebody killed.

Sam Sloan

From: "Field Marshal D.J." ( gr.jones@home.com )
To: "Sam Sloan"
Subject: Re: I'm Not Fonda "Hanoi Jane"
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 06:36:34 -0500
> I just checked alt.fan.heinlein

> The poster there, William Dennis, has admitted that he did not write it. He got it from somewhere else, just as you got it from him.

That is news to me.

>I feel it is reprehensible for you to send out by Spam e-mail slanderous and unverifiable information which may even get somebody killed.

As I said before, I did not consider it "Spam" to put out a story that is quite believable. The only thing I was "soliciting" was a few minutes of a persons' time to read it. I did not change a word of that account, but put it out as it was presented to me. I do not proclaim to be a journalist, either. As you know, many allegations are made on a wide variety of topics against many individuals, and in most instances, can never be 100% verified by both parties involved (i.e. the Clinton Rape Allegation, since you only have the words of one woman and the other party denies it). Jane Fonda certainly isn't about to acknowledge that account presented in the post. You might try to track down the original author of that account (and, as I said, I believed it to be Mr. Dennis).

If this story can be verified by the source, it needs to be publicly aired. As to the latter part about somebody getting killed, the account stated that people were killed as a result of her actions, that is what is reprehensible if it is true.

I still believe it to be true, but that's just my opinion. It's up to you whether to follow this to the source. If I were you, I would. If the story is false, then you'll get to take credit for debunking the Right-Wing "myth" about Fonda's actions during the Vietnam War. Maybe you'll even get the Pulitzer.


Since your source did not want the letter published, I have just published our correspondence at the following address:


From: "Field Marshal D.J." ( gr.jones@home.com )
To: "Sam Sloan"
Subject: Re: I'm Not Fonda "Hanoi Jane"
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1999 01:27:59 -0500

Yes, I see. I might add that the initial mailing was sent to (and I just went and counted it) 331 addresses (of which more than 40 were invalid the moment it was sent), not the "several thousands" you claimed. Secondly, since I am not a professional in sending out mass emailings, I soon realized the manner with which the message was sent was incorrect (several of those addresses went to businesses which clogged up their email boxes, to those that acknowledged as such, I sent written apologies). I did the same for others who thought I was attempting to start a mass email discussion group.

Mine was to present a credible allegation made against Ms. Fonda. I was also intrigued to see your claim that the same message had been aired at least 685 times in a three-month period. I must have been one of the few persons never to have seen the message. What I am also concerned about is the fact that you did not include a copy of the allegation in your article. Your concern for Ms. Fonda's well-being is also understandable given your sympathies for her radical views. Why does your concern not extend to the soldiers that were tortured and murdered by Viet Cong? Your treatment portrays Ms. Fonda as some sort of victim while ignoring the repercussions of her conduct. We may never know if those allegations that were made as written by "Anonymous" are true, but we do know that Ms. Fonda's actions in giving aid and comfort to a regime and ideology pledged to destroying the American way of life of Freedom and Democracy were overwhelmingly obvious and apparent. An ideology, to this day, responsible for more human suffering and misery than any other in history. Millions dead, Billions enslaved in the most populous nation on Earth. Again, your sympathy for Ms. Fonda is touching. Will you also extend it to those that are no longer around to enjoy the freedoms that you and I take for granted every day ? Who will speak up for them now that their voices are long silenced ? I'll be interested to see if you publish this on your webpage.


At 09:54 AM 10/23/99 -0400, CardSafe wrote:

Sam, what you did to DJ on the web is simply unfounded. I, too, disagree with being sent propaganda, and have told DJ this (I'm one of the people who immediately demanded to be taken off the list). However, I would never stoop so low as to persecute an innocent in the name of a cause. DJ was clearly not the author of what he passed on to us, and he made that clear to you and the less than 300 people on the list he sent it to. For you to now post derogatory info about him on the web, including his address, and claim he spammed thousands of people with accusations is just plain wrong. If you're an adult, you'll take down that defamatory web page posting. It's just not right.

In the first place, "Field Marshall DJ" is essentially anonymous. His first, last and middle names are not provided.

Secondly, he has not asked me to take it down. If you have looked at my page in the last few minutes, you will see that he dared me to post his latest statement about this.

Also, I do not believe the story he circulated for the reason that all of the POWs became famous when they returned home. Several ran for Congress and other high public office. One is now a candidate for President of the United States. The idea that a real Prisoner of War would try to hide his identity is ridiculous.

In addition, I have just read on another newsgroup that Jane Fonda denies that she ever met any prisoners of war in Viet Nam. So, you will need to produce one living, breathing former POW who will testify that he saw Jane Fonda there for these claims to have any credence.

I was one of the first websites, and indeed perhaps the very first web site, to expose the CNN Nerve Gas Fraud, so if these claims had any credence, I would be happy if I could be the first to blast them all over the Internet.

If you do not believe that his message has been posted 685 times on the newsgroups, I suggest that you check this yourself.

Sam Sloan

On Sun, 24 Oct 1999 19:54:50 GMT, in rec.motorcycles.harley
wjb3@mindspring.com (Billy Beck) wrote:

Yeah, yeah, Sam. Thanks a lot, but you could save the whole 275-line song and dance and cut to the chase.

On the matter of the Jane Fonda visit and meeting with POW's:

It's not true. I don't know who fabricated it, but three of the men cited in that story and who actually were POW's have denied it and want their names taken off it immediately. Whoever put this thing together ought to have his ass kicked.

I believed it. I'd never heard it before, but it did not strike me as the least implausible for one second that she would do something like that, and only the protests of the POW's involved could be sufficient in refuting it. That's because Jane Fonda always was, and still is, a waterheaded goof of spectacular proportions.

To hell with her.


VRWC Frontier

Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 03:04:34 -0800 (PST)
From: ("Marshall Bertier") bertier8@hotmail.com
Subject: Jane Fonda - a lovely tribute

"The idea that a real Prisoner of War would try to hide his identity is ridiculous."

I gave up trying to educate the ignorant long ago. Every now and then, however, some fool comes along with something patently absurd. This statement was one of them.

I suggest that you look up sites on fake POWs. In one of them, you will find reference to a "fake" POW who stood up on a podium under a false name. Mike McGrath thought he was going to expose this fake only to discover that he was a real POW who just wanted to "hide his identity". Many vets have no desire to be public or to face gutless little twits who hold traitors like Fonda in high esteem. They seek anonymity because impotent fools like you took their lives and their souls and then abandoned all of the "baby killers".

Don't worry about using your web terrorism to attack me. I've been around far longer than you, and this account has more cutouts than you have rationalizations for why you still attack the helpless with your self-righteous cowardice.


I just added your letter to my web site at http://www.anusha.com/hanoijan.htm

I assume that is what you want.

I am wondering why you keep calling me a coward, however. I am the only one willing to do battle with you guys, plus my name is listed in the phone book, and yours is not.

Sam Sloan

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NOTE: A website entitled Urban Legends Reference Pages: Hanoi Jane carries the identical story which was spammed by "Field Marshall D.J.". While it generally supports most parts of the story, it adds:

"[The most serious accusations in the piece quoted above -- that Fonda turned over to the North Vietnamese slips of paper furtively given her by American POWS , and that several POWs were beaten to death as a result -- are unsubstantiated. Fonda returned to America carrying 240 letters from POWs to their families, and although there were rumors at the time that a POW was executed for refusing to meet with Fonda, the identity of this POW has never been established.]"

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