The Sexual Freedom Movement in the 1960s

I was President of the Berkeley Sexual Freedom League in 1966 and 1967. I did not found the organization. Jefferson Poland actually thought up the name. However, his was just a publicity stunt. Poland had no actual organization. I also did not organize the first sex orgy. Richard Thorne did that. Thorne looked and talked so much like actor Bill Cosby that I once believed that they were the same person. Thorne disappeared not long thereafter and changed his name to Ohm. However, I was the first person who organized weekly sex orgies on a regular basis.

I held 42 sex parties over a period of more than a year, from September, 1966 until December, 1967. Altogether, around 1200 people attended my sex orgies. However, I rarely talk about this any more, as it is no longer fashionable to fuck women. (I am an old fashioned kind of guy, however.)

I am the person who made the Sexual Freedom League into a nationally known organization. I wrote the article which appeared in the November, 1966 issue of Playboy Magazine entitled "The Sexual Freedom League". However, at that time, I did not want my name or identity known, so the Playboy staff touched up the article and published it under the name of Jack Lind. In fact, it was that article which inspired me to create a real organization, because, by September, 1966, Thorne had stopped holding his sex parties and had gone to Mexico. I realized that if I wanted to attend another sex orgy, I would have to organize one myself.

An article which appeared in a September, 1966 issue of Time magazine was about my organization. The sign in the picture is in my handwriting. The girl in the picture is Joyce Kaskey, one of my spokespersons. That picture was reprinted (without attribution) in the April, 1968 issue of Sexology Magazine, page 641. I got another of my devoted followers to pose in an 8-page photo spread which appeared in the September, 1967 issue of Playboy Magazine, pages 150-157. That article was entitled "Mara Loves". After that photo-article appeared, there was a tremendous boost in memberships, as people wanted to join the League so that they could get to know Mara personally. However, they could never do so, because Mara was merely a personal friend of mine who never actually attended any of my sex orgies, I am so sorry to say. I am still friends with Mara and I spoke to her only a few weeks ago. Needless to say, she is long since happily married, with children.

Around the time that the "Mara Loves" article appeared, there were all kinds of splinter groups established, including the Oakland Sexual Freedom League and the San Francisco Sexual Freedom League, which charged membership dues to join. I had primarily a student campus organization. I never charged for memberships. Those other groups were purely commercial organizations, with a motive of profit. They all sent free memberships to Mara, just so that they could say that she was a member of their organization. None of them ever got to meet her, however. A man named Tom Palmer in Oakland actually stole the membership records of one of these groups and thereby took over that organization.

During this entire time, I never revealed my personal identity. Except for students and others on the University of California at Berkeley campus who knew that the Sexual Freedom League was actually my organization, nobody knew that I was in charge. I almost always got beautiful guys and girls like Mara Suviks and Joyce Kaskey to act as my official spokespersons. One of my official spokespersons is now a television weather reporter in Sacramento. A woman in Oakland brought a lawsuit against the University of California to force them to open up their student organizational records to reveal who the actual president was. She believed, wrongly, that my organization was part of a Communist plot. Ronald Reagan ran for election as Governor of California on a campaign platform "to clean up the University of California at Berkeley", which, he made it clear, meant getting rid of me. The Berkeley City Council openly debated having me "run out of town". I still have hundreds of newspaper clippings from 1966 and 1967 about the Sexual Freedom League, and only a few of them mention my name. I wanted it that way.

After the idea became commercial, I decided to get out while the getting was still good. I was not interested in commercial sex, only in sex that was free. I left the San Francisco Bay Area on Christmas Eve, 1967 to attend the US Intercollegiate Chess Championship in Hoboken, New Jersey as a member of the U.C. Berkeley Chess Team. I scored 5 1/2 - 2 1/2, losing only to Bruce Amos. My team won the national championship. I did not go back to Berkeley. I did not even enter the State of California again for another 14 years until 1981. It was only in 1992 that I took up residence here again. When I returned, I found that there were rumors which still persisted that I was not allowed to enter the State of California. People were surprised to see me here.

The Berkeley Sexual Freedom League ceased to exist from the moment that I left California. Tom Palmer of the Oakland Sexual Freedom League later killed himself. Lisa Lindvall, a Sexual Freedom League activist, had already died of cystic fibrosis in 1967 at the age of 21. Alida Reyenga, another Sexual Freedom League activist, had joined scientology. I have no idea of what ever happened to Jefferson Poland, although I have heard from time to time that he may still be around. The only Sexual Freedom League which continued on was the San Francisco Sexual Freedom League. They remained in existence for several years. Their president was Margo St. James. That is not her real name. I know her real name but she does not wish it to be revealed. She is now famous as a "prostitute and lesbian rights activist". They rented a building at 1019 Ashbury Street in San Francisco. Charles Manson, who was released from prison at about that time, rented two apartments in the same building for his "family" but was evicted after a few months. He did not pay his rent.

I never had any desire to make money from the Sexual Freedom League. I sincerely believed in equal rights for women, and I still do. However, I wanted mainly to use the organization as a vehicle to get to know beautiful women (which we had in great abundance, fortunately). Most chess players who know this about my past know it because they saw me on the Joe Pyne Show or on the Alan Burke Show, which were popular nationwide television talk shows at the time. Actually, these shows were not first broadcast until January and February, 1968, by which time I had skipped California and was safely in New York, where I had no fear of the authorities there. I got a job and worked on Wall Street in the securities industry for 18 years thereafter without ever telling anybody that I had been the President of the Sexual Freedom League.

Many of the women who attended my sex parties and with whom I had actual sexual intercourse, who were just students at that time, are now prominent, important and financially successful personalities. One is a lawyer, another is a real estate personality, and another is a politician. All three of them are unmarried. On the other hand, it seems that most of the men involved never amounted to anything, or at least I never heard of them again. However, my right hand man is now a prominent television newscaster, whose broadcasts are watched by millions daily.

Sam Sloan

This is about real events and real people. We have photographs of two of them, Mara Suviks and Deana Pino .

To learn more about this student club, see: The Party of November 19, 1966 , The Party of November 26, 1966 , Lisa Lindvall, Sexual Freedom Organizer , How we got Mara into Playboy Magazine , Mario Savio and the Free Speech Movement and Orgy Host Ordered to Quit House .

We were not merely throwing parties. We were also student campus revolutionaries in our spare time. Here is a picture of me in the San Francisco Chronicle for December 6, 1966 News Clipping of Sam Sloan, Student Striker, in December, 1966

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