Hartland Snyder has filed for Bankruptcy (again)

The big news is that once again Hartland Snyder has filed for bankruptcy, under Chapter 13, in the federal bankruptcy court in San Jose, California. He last filed in 1992.

Details about Hartland's bankruptcy filings can be obtained from http://www.knowx.com

Presumably, Hartland filed for bankruptcy this time for the same reason he filed the last time. The last time he filed, his creditors had obtained an order for his civil arrest in the enforcement of a money judgment, due to Hartland's refusal to answer questions about the whereabouts of his assets.

By filing for bankruptcy, Hartland was able to get the order for his arrest stayed. After the order for his arrest had expired, (orders of civil arrest have a specific time period) Hartland moved to dismiss his own bankruptcy petition, putting his creditors back in the same position as before they filed. They had to start the time consuming process all over again.

Hartland is a master at evading service of process. Hundreds and perhaps thousands of dollars have been spent to pay process servers to track him down. When he finally does get served, he claims that the service was defective in some way. For example, when we sued him he claimed that on two separate occasions we served him with just the complaint and not the summons. (It should seem unlikely that anyone would make the same mistake twice.)

However, only an honest man should file for bankruptcy. Hartland does not meet that criteria. Every who is owed money by Hartland Snyder should contact the court, file a claim and object when he tries to dismiss his own bankruptcy petition.

It is important to note that Hartland has essentially stolen Ishi Press International and has continuously moved the assets and bank accounts around making it impossible for the numerous creditors to get their money. Therefore, everybody who is owed money by Ishi Press International should pierce the corporate veil and file a personal claim against Hartland.

Hartland Snyder Bankruptcy, Case No. 97-59994

San Jose Federal Bankruptcy Court, Filed 11-25-1997

Chapter 13

Judge Arthur Weissbrodt

Trustee: Devin Derham-Burk
2105 S. Bascom Ave. #230
Campbell CA 95008
(408) 879-1307
FAX: (408) 879-1310

Address of Hartland Snyder
470 South 11th St., #29
San Jose CA 94112

Hartland Snyder lists only three creditors: Paul Koenig, Carol Warren and Nancy Wolok.

Creditors meeting will be in San Jose on 1-12-1998.

Last day to file claims: 4-13-1998

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