Regarding Professor Berlekamp's Suit to Break up the Monopoly on Go

From Sat Feb 22 12:31:19 1997
Subject: Re: Go Monopoly
From: (Noam Elkies)
Date: 22 Feb 1997 20:31:19 GMT

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>I think Sam might be in trouble with Parker Brothers real soon. After
>all, aren't Go and Monopoly registered trademarks of the Monopoly game?

In a related case, I hear that E. Berlekamp started a scholastic Go program in California to complement the "chess-in-the-schools" program, and even encouraged participation by promising to contribute a couple hundred bucks towards the college education of any student who successfully completed the course. This backfired when one student with a police record became so infatuated with the game that he stole a board and set of stones from the school to play at home. Caught and brought to trial, he confessed, but pleaded for his sentence to be delayed until the end of the term so he could collect his reward. Alas the Judge, bound by sentencing guidelines, had no choice but to hand down a ruling ordering the thief to

"Go to jail: go directly to jail; do not pass Go; do not collect $200."

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