How to Play over the Chess Games Posted on the Web

Chess Games on the Internet are posted in PGN format. This format is now standard. Virtually all chess playing programs recognize it.

To play over the games I have posted, first the web page must be saved as a file on your computer. Then, using a word processor, delete the all the commentary and remove all the HTML tags, leaving only the information about the game, which is surrounded by brackets [" "], plus the moves themselves. Save this file and rename it with a *.PGN extension.

Please note: There must be a break or carriage return at least every 17 moves in the PGN file. Otherwise, the string will be too long to be read by the PGN Reader.

Then, download the PGN Reader program PGNRD152.ZIP . Unzip this program and run it. Click on "open", type in the name of your newly created PGN file and click to start the moves of the game.

The other way to play over the chess games I have posted is to go out and buy a chess set and board. But, that would be too much trouble!

Here is the PGN Reader: Download PGN Reader Now.

Here are the games of the recently concluded Karpov - Anand match for the World Chess Championship in PGN format: All 8 Games from the Karpov - Anand Match for the World Chess Championship.

Here is a link: The Road to the World Chess Championship: Karpov's Glorious Victory

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