Fake Photos Depicting Rape Victims in Riots in Indonesia

I regret to inform my readers that the two photos I have posted depicting Chinese women being raped during the May 13-15, 1998 riots in Indonesia are fake.

Both of these photos were previously posted to a web site entitled "Sexy Asian Schoolgirls" on December 4, 1997, well before the May, 1998 riots.

In addition, I had previously established that other photos supposedly depicting the results of the May 13-15 riots are fake as well.

The possibility that they are real photos taken during the riots and later added to the "Sexy Asian Schoolgirls" site would seem to be excluded by the fact that the date for the posting of those two pictures is 4 Dec 1997, which was well before the May, 1998 riots in Jakarta.

This fake photo supposedly depicts a Chinese women being raped during the May 13-15, 1998 riots in Indonesia which brought down President Suharto on May 21. Compare this with the next photo, which was posted on the "Sexy Asian Schoolgirls" site on December 4, 1997. Note the tape on the woman's breast.This photo was posted on the "Sexy Asian Schoolgirls" site on December 4, 1997. Can you detect any similarity to the previous photo which supposedly depicts a Chinese women being raped during the May 13-15, 1998 riots? Note that there is no tape on the woman's breast.

The only other possibility would be that the date of 4 December 1997 is false, but I doubt that.

Whoever did this has done great harm to the cause. The falsification of these photos will no doubt lead others to claim that the atrocities themselves did not occur.

Here is the proof:

I had previously been able to establish that three photos which I had been led to believe were from the Jakarta riots are actually from East Timor. Look at http://www.asiadragons.com/indonesia/news/special/riot_rapes/ under the section entitled: Photos - Riot - By Traveler US 200798

There are three photos with the file names usa1.jpg usa2.jpg and usa3.jpg.

Those same three photos can also be found at http://www.easttimor.com/html/h_r_violations.html.

Clearly those photos are from East Timor, and not from Jakarta.

I did not post those three photos on my web site. The two photos which I did post, which I renamed indorape.jpg and indorap2.jpg, were convincing and appeared to be authentic.

However, it was pointed out to me that those two photos are fake and can be found at:


The index for those two photos is posted at http://www.serve.com/asnschgrl/images/sex/. This index shows that the two photos were posted on 4 December 1997.

Other observations: Actually, the photos I have posted as indorape.jpg and indorap2.jpg show the same three people, one woman and two men. However, indorap2.jpg is fuzzy in comparison with the version of the same photo which is posted at http://www.serve.com/asnschgrl/images/sex/3lc.jpg

Since it is hard to make a fuzzy photo sharp but easy to make a sharp photo fuzzy, this indicates that the version on the Sexy Asian Schoolgirls site is the original.

In addition, the version I have posted has the words "Asiadragons.com Chinese Victim - Indonesia Crisis 98".

I would like to know more about Asiadragons.com, because it appears that they are responsible for this falsification.

Also, the photo I posted as indorape.jpg has minor censorship because the nipple on the woman's breast is covered with a thin tape. Note that the photos at http://www.asiadragons.com/indonesia/news/special/riot_rapes/ also have this sort of censorship.

Here are all the photos for comparison. I am also including the coverpic of the Sexy Asian Schoolgirls site for reference.

Sam Sloan

UPDATE: You can say you read it here first: On August 21, 1998 (two days after I posted this) the Wall Street Journal reported: Some Indonesia Rape Photos on the Internet Are Frauds.

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