Islam and Sex

From ???@??? Fri Jan 01 11:51:55 1999
To: "William H. Dailey"
From: Sam Sloan
Subject: Re: Sexual Freedom League

At 10:00 AM 12/31/98 -0800, William H. Dailey wrote:
>Dear Sam
> I thought Sexual freedom was the best thing to come out
>of student unrest. I met Lisa Lindvall, Jefferson Polland, and
>other activists of that time, but I am not sure I ever met you.
>I was very sorry to learn of her untimely demise.
>I did a search yesterday to see if there was anything left of
>sexual freedom and found your site. My question to you is:
>Why would you ever join a religion that tries to control
>sexuality after being a strong proponent for sexual freedom?

I do not remember your name. How did you happen to meet them?

In answer to your main question, Islam is not against sex. Islam is a very pro-sex religion.

Christianity is opposed to sex and anything you read which indicates that Islam is anti-sex was probably written by Christians.

Ismail Sloan

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