I have heard enough ! Michael Jackson is Not Guilty!

I have been following this story like everybody else. When I first heard that Michael Jackson was again being investigated and later charged with child molestation, I figured that he must be both extremely stupid and guilty.
Michael Jackson dangles his baby
Michael Jackson dangles his baby

However, now all the signs are there that Jackson is the victim of a shakedown.

Jackson faced a similar case of child molestation in 1993. He bought off the case by paying $15 million to his accusers.

Amazing coincidence is it not that this new 2003 case features the same psychologist, Stan Katz, and the same lawyer, Larry Feldman, as the 1993 case?.

Same cast of characters; Only the victim is different.

Then, there is the testimony that they do not plan to file a civil damages suit.

We are asked to believe that the psychologist and the lawyer who extorted $15 million from Jackson the last time around are this time not interested in the money. They are proceeding only for the principle of the thing, we are told.

We are also asked to believe that this accuser who once sued a department store and obtained a $150,000 settlement this time does not intend to file a court case.

However, they neglect to mention that if Jackson is convicted it is virtually automatic that they will receive money.

Then there is the matter of how they met Jackson. Seems that this poor unfortunate victim had cancer and asked Jackson for money to pay for his cancer treatments.

However, this same victim contacted numerous other famous entertainment personalities as well. Some of them did not buy into the scam. Others like Jay Leno went to the extreme measure of contacting the police and seeking an Order of Protection to stop them from repeatedly hitting on him for money.

What is more, the cancer treatments were fully covered by medical insurance, so the requests for money were fraudulent.

Then, there is the claim that they were held prisoners. However, they went to the post office to apply for passports. If they were prisoners, why did not they notify the postal clerks?

They really lost me when the said that the video where they praised Jackson and called him a father figure was made under duress, because they were "prisoners" in a five-star hotel room.

It even seems doubtful that the alleged victim ever had cancer at all, especially since they now claim that his cancer has been "healed".

Why would a prosecutor take such a weak case? The answer may lie in the fact that in California Law a citizen can force a prosecutor to proceed with an indictment.

Sam Sloan

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