Anatoly Karpov threatens again to sue FIDE

Malcolm Pein reports in "Chess Express 1999 number 2", dated 15 March 1999, that FIDE World Champion Karpov will sue FIDE if FIDE goes ahead with its plan to hold a world championship tournament in Las Vegas in July and August, 1999.
Anatoly Karpov, "FIDE World Champion"

Pein writes:

"Karpov, speaking during his match against Piket, said he has an agreement with FIDE which states he must be consulted over the dates. As he has agreed to play in both Dortmund and Polanica, he says he will definitely sue FIDE if they go ahead with the July-August dates."

I for one do not consider Karpov to be the world chess champion. The last world chess championship tournament was so obviously rigged in favor of Karpov as to be unconscionable. Furthermore, Karpov is rated number 9 in the world on a recent version of the FIDE rating list and his true strength is more accurately reflected by his number 15 ranking on the WCC list.

In short, Karpov is no more "World Chess Champion" than is Evander Holyfield the "Boxing Champion of the World".

Karpov managed to stop FIDE from holding a world chess championship in December, 1998, also by threatening to sue. This time, FIDE needs to go ahead with its world championship plans if it wants to retain any credibility.

I doubt if any court of law would uphold Karpov's rediculous claims. In which court, in which country of the world, would Karpov sue? Where is the written contract which says that Karpov is guaranteed to be world chess champion for two years? And where is it written that Karpov has the right to chose the dates on which the next world chess championship tournament will be take place?

Sam Sloan

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