Kayo has a new delivery date

Kayo's new expected delivery date is 11/04/2001

Please note the following:

LMP: 01/20/01 GA: 15.7 weeks EDC: 10/27/01
Ultrasound: GA: 14.6 weeks EDC: 11/04/2001
Kayo New Delivery Date
Kayo New Delivery Date

What this means is that her last menstrual period started on 01/20/01 and based upon that she is 15.7 weeks pregnant and the baby due date is 10/27/01

However, the ultrasound scan which was done on 05/10/01 showed that she was 14.6 weeks pregnant and her expected delivery date is 11/04/01 .

This makes sense because we know the exact date of conception, which was 02/07/01, which was the date on which Kayo arrived in New York from Japan.

You can just imagine what we did as soon as I got her from JFK Airport to my house in Brooklyn.


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