Dean Ippolito Marshalls Forces To Victory:
Sweeps the Field in 68-Player Record Turnout

Eighteen-year-old Dean Ippolito of Boonton, NJ was not in a compromising frame of mind when he defeated all four of his opponents to sweep the 32-player Master-Expert Section in the New York March Congress, held March 22-23 at New York's famous Marshall Chess Club. Dean churned out an impressive 2657 performance rating en route to the $340 First Prize in the 15 Grand Prix Point tournament, topping a strong contingent of no less than 21 Masters. IM Jay Bonin of Flushing, NY and Alexander Reprintsev, in town from Virginia, tied for 2nd-3rd with 3-, good enough for $170 each, while 18-year-old Peter Aravena of Brooklyn captured the $170 Under 2200 Prize with 3 points.

Three more players each took home $170 as well: Farrokh Parhami of Forest Hills, NY, along with Vaughn Allen and Michael Block, both of New York City. They all scored 3 points to divvy up the Class A-B (1600-1999) Section. Leon Colin of Middletown, NY posted the tournament's other 4-0 sweep, defeating all his opponents in the Under 1600 Section, while Nelson Dunn of West New York, NJ, drew two games to finish with 3 points.

The 68 entries, coupled with 14 more re-entries, produced a record turnout for the Marshall Chess Club of over 82(!) entries, resulting in a hefty increase in the prize fund over the amounts originally advertised-- a fairly common occurrence in recent tournaments at the Marshall. Steve Immitt directed for the Chess Center of New York.

TO: Mike Franett, Editor, "Inside Chess"
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FROM: Steve Immitt, Marshall Chess Club, New York City
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DATE: May 8, 1997

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