John McCain, next president of the United States!

The outcome is clear. There can no longer be any doubt. McCain is going to win.

George W. Bush never had more than two assets: He father was president and he is the darling of the religious right. However, now he is nearly broke, having blown nearly $60 million dollars, and has fallen to second place. You can forget about Bush.

Gore is too weak and slimy to be elected and Bradley has not been able to launch an effective challenge.

So, McCain wins by default. Smart people will get behind him now, hoping to be on the winning side when he wins.

But, can he speak Viet Namese? How fluently? After spending five years there, if he cannot he is a real dummy.

UPDATE: I am concerned about the Bush victory in Virginia and especially about how he obtained it. Right-wing Christian zealots voted for Bush by 6 to 1. These are the same sort of people who kidnapped my daughter Shamema and explains why I cannot get her back. If Bush wins, there is no chance that the kidnappers of my daughter will be arrested, prosecuted and sent to prison where they belong.

Right-wing Christians in Virginia are primarily poor white trash, the same sort of trash that kidnapped my daughter. However, they religiously donate 10% of their income to the church, which makes them financially and politically powerful, powerful enough so that no politician is willing to anger them and they can commit crimes like kidnapping my daughter and get away with it.

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