Miss Hungary Agnes Nagy

Agnes Nagy Age: 18 Native Language: Hungarian Other Languages: English
Agnes Nagy is MISS HUNGARY 1998. This 18 year old from Budapest stands 5' 11" tall with brown eyes and blonde hair.

Miss Hungary Agnes Nagy

Q: Who is the one person (a family member, friend, celebrity role model) who has had the most influence on your life? Why?

A: My father. He was an athlete when he was young, and today he's a trainer. He influenced me to start high jumping and every day we trained together, which helped me achieve the best results.

Q: What is your proudest personal accomplishment (other than representing your country in this pageant)?

A: I'm very proud of my athletic achievements. I have been the national high school high jumping champion three times and have been selected to represent my country twice. In 1996, I won a silver medal in a competition involving 22 countries.

Q: What is your most treasured possession? Why?

A: My most treasured possession is my family because they have been beside me my entire life and I can always count on them.

Q: What is your career ambition? What are you doing or plan to do to accomplish that goal?

A: After high school, I'd like to go to college to study communications to become a journalist. To accomplish this goal I have been studying hard. When I meet with representatives of the media I try to capture the art of the profession.

Q: What is the most important message or lesson someone in your unique position can convey?

A: It's very important to help others, especially indigents. I have been in the special position where I've been able to help sick children and large families with the intervention of the media and people through TV and newspaper interviews to help with donations. Then I would visit the children in hospitals and families in need.

Q: If you became MISS UNIVERSE and have a chance to represent the women of the world, what is the primary goal you would want to accomplish?

A: I would like to call attention to the situation of women who have difficulties in both their private and public lives. It is very difficult for women to assert themselves, have careers, and to keep their families together.

Q: Have there been any professional and/or personal hardships that you have endured to reach where you are today?

A: No. I have been very lucky.

Q: What question would you like to answer that you have never been asked? What is the answer?

A: "What does it mean to have a sister?" "It means everything. My sister and I are very close, being only a year apart. She wasn't able to come with me to Hawaii and I miss her very much."

Q: We are approaching the millennium, a once-every-1000-year milestone. What do you think the role of women will be in the next century?

A: I think the most important roles of women in the next century should be motherhood, family, and love. A career is inferior to these.

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