Am I the father of this child?

The sexual freedom movement of the late 1960s produced few children because women had been newly liberated by the pill, which had just become widely available. Because women were free from the possible consequences of child birth for the first time, wild and rampant sex orgies became fashionable.

One product of these sex orgies is the woman here, who was born in 1969. She believes that I may be her father. She has asked me for a paternity test. I had intercourse with her mother more than one hundred times. However, according to my best recollection, I last had sexual intercourse with her mother in May 1968, in Clem Erdahl's apartment on West 103rd Street in New York City during the riots on the Columbia University campus. We chose the occasion of the riots, led by Mark Rudd, to have a sex orgy. This child was born 11 months later.

Is it possible that Sam Sloan is the father of this child?

Accordingly, I do not believe that I am the father. However, I could be wrong. What do you think? Express your opinion in the guestbook!

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