The Party of November 19, 1966

by Sam Sloan

The party of Nov. 13 was almost entirely a result of the efforts of myself and Roy "Jack" Shaw. Roy, to my surprise, did produce his three couples. The rest came as a direct or an indirect result of my telephone calls. To the best of my knowledge, Henry Viveros contributed only himself, Rita, the blond haired girl who wore the black outfit, and her husband Ralph. Among other things, the party further demonstrated to me the ease with which such events could be organized.

THE PARTY OF NOV. 19, 1966

I spent the week that followed studying and working on projects which have already been described. On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, I mailed out the invitations to the party. Early Saturday evening I borrowed Robin's car and drove down to buy the party refreshments. I spent about as much money as usual. While I did not buy the usual keg of beer, I got more wine, some vodka, some punch mix, and some presto-logs, instead. I drove it to Henry's apartment and carried the party goods upstairs. It took me three trips. On the way down for the last time I encountered Tom who had arrived to act in his capacity as doorman. He was wearing a heavy fur-lined coat which made him appear bigger and more fearsome than he was.

I drove the car back and returned the car keys to Robin. I knocked on Joyce's door.

She called out, "Come in."

I opened the door to her room. She was lying in bed. A man in his thirties with a mustache and a receding hairline was lying in bed beside her. He was reading a book. I had not seen him before. I said to her: "I didn't mean to disturb you. I just came by to ask if you wanted to go to a party tonight."

"No." Joyce laughed, "I don't want to go to a party now."

I apologized, closed the door to her room and went outside. I walked to Henry's apartment a few blocks away. I went up the stairs and, reaching the top, noticed that Tom was not at the door. I went inside. Tom was sitting in the large closet taking money from a collegiate couple while writing down their names. I folded my arms and stared at him while he completed his task. When he had finished, he looked up and said: "Sam, I've got it all worked out. People come in the door, they register, they pay their money, and they join the party."

"What about the guys without dates?"

"I tell them to go away."

"Come on, Tom. Get outside."

"But. But Sam....."

"You know as well as I do that you can't man the door from the inside."

Tom grumbled a bit and went out.

Perhaps 15 people were present. I went into the kitchen and exchanged a few words with Henry. He was still pulling out some of the party goods, having already started a fire in the fireplace. I mixed some punch in a large bowl. Then I went into the orgy room and removed my clothing. I put them into a secure looking spot in the closet there. I returned to the kitchen and asked Henry what had happened to the large double bed in the living room. He said that he had taken it apart and put it out on the front porch. I went into the living room and sat down on the couch on the heat side. The other people were sitting around quietly, some on the couches, others on the floor. All except myself were dressed. A Tahitian calypso fire dance was playing on the Gerrard turntable. A few minutes later, someone began to beat a rhythm on one of Henry's bongo drums that had been laying around. Someone else picked up another drum and started playing on that. More people entered. Rita walked into the room. She was nude. She stepped into the middle of the floor and began to move her body to the rhythms built up to a heightened peak and then, suddenly, the noise deadened. Rita collapsed to the floor and folded into a little white ball. A second later she got up and walked out of the room. Several people removed their clothing.

I went into the kitchen. A minute later I returned. Now, the dance floor was occupied by a tall slender blond girl named Andrea, and a dark hired man named Ernie. I knew that Andrea was a teaching assistant and a graduate student at U.C. and Ernie was a research physicist at the Radiation Laboratory. At night they performed an act at the Coffee Gallery in San Francisco. Now, fully clothed, they were performing a dance while people sat around the room and watched. She was moving her body in a teasing and temptuous manner. He moved around her and then, slowly, he began to remove her clothing. He unbuttoned her blouse and she let her arms fall while he slid it off. Then he unzipped her slacks and she helped him peel them down. He moved close to her, put his arms around behind her back, and unfastened her bra. They let it fall to the floor. He stepped away and she culminated the dance by removing her panties, flinging them out into the room. Within minutes everyone was nude.

I went over to Roy. He told me he wanted to introduce me to his date. He led me over and we knelt down by a girl with black hair that hung to her hips. She had been sitting by herself on the floor, in the Northwest corner of the room. He introduced us. He told me her name was Deana. He told her that I was Sam and that I was the "President." He got up and walked off, leaving us together. We spoke briefly but she did not seem interested in conducting a conversation. I asked her if she wanted to dance. She declined and pointed to a young, thin, blond girl who was wandering, glassy eyed, through the people who were now dancing. She suggested that I ask her to dance. I got up and went over to inquire but the girl did not appear to want either to dance or to talk. I left her and went into the kitchen. Roy was pouring himself some punch. He looked up at me and said: "Isn't Deana the most fantastic girl you've ever seen in your life? She studied dancing and she was Miss Sacramento one year. She is just an unbelievable chick."

I nodded acknowledgment. I returned to the living room. Several couples were dancing. "Good Day Sunshine" by the Beetles was playing. I went over and sat down by Deana again. She immediately asked me to dance with her. We got up, went out, and joined the other couples. My first feeling was of amazement that an incredible girl like this was dancing with a guy like me. I watched her body sway back and forth in front of me and her breasts move from side to side. As we danced we came closer and closer, moving our arms around the bodies of each other without touching. She stepped back, turned around, and moved her body back against me. I wrapped my arms around her and moved my hands over her. She turned around to face me and we began kissing. She worked her tongue around inside my mouth. I was filled with emotions which were almost unbearable. I wanted desperately to make love to her, but I was afraid to ask. I wanted to do it right there, standing up, in the middle of the dance floor, rather than to try to use words to express my desires. Finally I had to ask. She took me by the hand and led me into the orgy room. We got just far enough inside the door and she dropped down on the first mattress, pulling me to her. Lying on her back, she spread her legs. I laid my body over her. Our lips met and we began to kiss passionately. I felt around with my fingers and discovered her warm opening. Then, still kissing her, I moved my body forward and achieved a glorious penetration. She wrapped her legs around me.

I felt myself sinking into her incredibly soft skin. I came, right away.

Fortunately, the good Lord who made us all gave me an advantage in such circumstances. I was determined to make full use of it. I could feel within me that the biggest thing that had ever happened to me in my life was happening right now. I was not going to blow it, no matter what. I was going to use everything I had learned and everything I knew to try to make love to Deana just right and just long enough. I wanted to love her not too hard but not too soft, not too fast but not too slow.

When I felt myself coming, I slowed my body almost to a halt. I wanted to stop because I was hoping to save it for later. It was too late. Everything came gushing out at once. I lay nearly motionless for an instant and then I began to move my body again. There was a slight twinge of pain at first but that was of little concern to me. When I had stopped for a moment she had allowed her legs to fall to her side. Now, as I began to gain momentum again, she raised her thighs once more. As I moved my body back and forth, I also moved it to the right and to the left and up and down. Sometimes I rotated, other times I just moved in and out, trying to approach from a different angle, hitting a different nerve, creating a different sensation, every time. I tried to make sure that the weight of my body was on my arms and legs, rather than on her, at all times. I wanted to give her enough room to move her body as much as she wanted to. Most importantly, I wanted to do exactly what she wanted me to do. I tried to be aware of her whole body and to attempts to guess what she wanted me to do at every moment. I noticed how her body would become tense, and then slack, and how she would raise her legs around me, and then lower them.

Our love making alternated, first fact, then slow, first hard, then soft. Several times as our pace quickened, she pulled her legs all the way back, so that her knees were about even with my shoulders. When she did that, I hooked one arm over one of her legs hoping to make her positioning more comfortable. These would be the periods when I moved the quickest and penetrated the deepest. When she tried, I released my grip on her and allowed her legs to fall back down.

She, too, moved her body. She went back and forth, up and down. sometimes complimenting me, sometimes going off in another direction. When she had her feet flat on the mattress, she lifted her body, except for her head, shoulders, and feet, entirely off the mattress. This gave her complete freedom of movement. And move she did. In fact, I had never seen or even imagined a girl who moved her body under me the way Deana did.

Still, I could tell that something which often happens in this type of situation, was not happening. I knew it and I was sure she knew it. I suspected, however, that she did not know that I knew. As time went on I became more and more certain that what I was waiting for was not going to happen. It simply was not going to occur. While this did not bother me, I was sure that it bothered her.

While we were making love, things were going on around us. People were coming in the door and, since Deana and myself were lying with our heads in the doorway, many of these people had found it necessary to step over us as they came in. Only a few minutes after we had started, I glanced around the room and observed that it was filled with people although it was empty when we had first entered. Some were fucking; others were talking. Roy made several trips in and out of the room. Every time he came by, he stepped over us and directed a comment in my direction. Sometimes I answered. I wanted to keep track of everything, but too much was going on. Deana, alone, was more than enough to occupy my attention.

As a result of our love making, our bodies had gradually moved up so that eventually our heads were stocking out the door. I tried holding Deana's head in my hands for a while, but that seemed unsatisfactory. Finally, with great reluctance, I suggested that we disengage for long enough to move over and position ourselves along side the North wall of the orgy room. We moved and then continued to make love much as we had before. Eventually, our pace began to subside, her body began to slacken. I decided to commerce the slow process of disengaging ourselves. I kissed her gently and leaned on my left arm. I moved my right hand down her body, feeling her neck, her breast, her hip, her thigh. I moved my hand along as she allowed herself to flatten out. Then I moved back, pulling myself out every so gently, and slid off to her left side.

I glanced over my shoulder and saw that Henry had been kneeling behind us, hands on his knees, waiting patiently. I looked back and kissed Deana again. I rubbed my left hand over her breasts and worked down to her abdomen. While I was doing so, Henry leaned over, put his head between her legs, and began to lick on her. I kissed her and glanced back alternately, to watch him. I could just barely see his tongue as it worked its way on its slow, gentle, circular path. Deana, still looking at me, even while I was not kissing her, drew her legs tightly up around his head and relaxed them. After several minutes, Henry pulled his whole body forward and knelt upright. He leaned forward far enough to push himself into her. He put his hands under her calves and pulled her legs up. He raised them until they were vertical. He pulled them towards each other and put them on his shoulders so that her ankles were on either side of his neck. He brought his body forward and down upon her so that the palms of his hands were on the mattress and their noses touched. Her body was completely jackknifed. I lay, less than a foot away, and watched all of this in complete fascination.

Henry began to move his body up and down. At first he paced himself slowly. As his body went up and down, he was breathing in and out. His breaths were long and deep. When he rose he inhaled, and as he descended he exhaled. Very gradually, his pace began to quicken. He sounded like a locomotive beginning to move. As the minutes passed, he was breathing harder and harder and his pace became faster and faster. Perhaps fifteen minutes later he reached a peak which was so intense that he filled a room with his sounds. I heard a groan. It was Henry. his body continued to come pounding down, again and again. He began to moan and groan but his pace did not slacken. He was putting his whole being, every fiber of his body into this one act. Then, as I watched him, his face became contorted and twisted. His motions were no longer rhythmical but jerky and incomplete. His entire body quivered and shook. He continued to push himself, even though it seemed that he had exceeded the limits his body placed on him. Then, after he had heaved a final grunt, his body relaxed and he allowed Deana's legs to fall to his side. He smiled, they laughed, they talked about little things. He held her arms and said: "Here, I'll show you a little trick." He rolled over on his back, pulling her with him. This left him flat on his back with her seated on top of him. They were still connected. They chatted for a while longer and introduced each other. She smiled and rubbed her hands over his hairy chest. After a few minutes they detached themselves. He got up, took her hands, and helped her to her feet. They walked out of the room together. The world sure seemed like a different place to live in than it had an hour and a half ago.

I got up and looked around the room. A blue light emanated from the bulb in the ceiling. For couples were lying parallel on the far side of the room. All were fucking. Other people were either standing or sitting in the room. They were watching and talking to each other. I walked around the party. Several strange things were going on. Rodney had arrived and brought a short slender black chick named Greta. She was the only person at the party fully clothed. She was talking constantly. One time she upset a number of people by saying that she that she was an F.B.I. agent and everybody was under arrest. Other times, she was criticizing other aspects of the party. Basically, her view was that we were all "wicked devils." She must have spoken for four hours almost continuously with few breaks in between. It sounded like a Mantra chantress but it was not, it was Greta rapping. Another black male was going about the party declaring that he was god and that this party was a manifestation of his works. He, personally, had made it possible because he wanted to save us all. All this time music was playing and people were dancing. Joe had set up a strobe light in the Southwest corner of the room and its flicker caught the dancers in a series of motionless frames. I also saw that Joe was tending the record player. The Yellow Submarine was playing. When the album was finished, Joe went and turned it over to the other side. I watched Deana do her thing. When I came into the living room, she was sitting on the floor by herself. Somebody went over to speak to her and a minute later they were hugging and kissing and then they disappeared into the orgy room. A while later she came back out, alone, and sat down again. The same thing happened. She repeated this numerous times during the evening. I walked out, leaving room for others. Other times, he would sit up and talk for a while. Perhaps another couple would stop fucking and start talking also. Soon they would be fucking again, this time with new partners. There seemed to be no fuss, no hassle. People were just there together and they were doing their thing, together. As I walked around sometimes I stopped and talked to girls, other times I just kissed them for a while and then went on. It all seemed free and easy just like we had always hoped it would be.

I met a girl named Laura. I knew her from campus but I had never expected to see her at a nude party. But here she was; nude at a nude party. I took her and I made it with her. It was simple, easy, and direct. There was nothing to it. I had never expected to make it with Laura anywhere, under any conditions. But now I found myself making it with her, here. I could only assume that sometime during the last few hours I had learned something. I wondered if it would always be this way, if I would be able to take any girl, any time, any where, and make it with her, just like that. I began to believe that I could.

While we were making it, I learned something else. She did the same thing Deana had done. She brought her knees up to my shoulders-- it was a bit difficult, but I managed to put both of my arms over her legs. Things were not going exactly right and I began to wonder how long I would be able to keep this up. The whole thing seemed dynamically unstable. Then someone got up over us and pushed down hard on my shoulders. This forced the top of my body and, consequently, her legs down. both of our shoulders and her knees came almost together. This released the rest of my body to move even more intensely than before. She lay under me, almost motionless. After about two minutes we were released. Seconds later, as she seemed to expand out to me, her whole body began to quiver. She moaned and I could feel her vagina contracting spasmodically. She was having an orgasm.

Afterwards, we kissed and talked for a while. Later I went around the party. I cleaned up a spilled drink and told Tom to come in. When he entered I said, looking around the room "You know, Tom, I don't believe this party is going to stop. It's just going to keep going, and going, and going." He looked the door behind him. I went into the orgy room and sat down. A couple were doing 69. A few minutes later they stopped and the girl sat up beside me. I said "Hello" and we began kissing. A minute later she lay back down with the same guy and they began fucking. On the other side of me was a heavy-set girl. I said "Hello" to her and began fondling each other. A minute later Roy came up and sat down. I got up and by the time I was walking out the door they were fucking.

In the living room several couples were dancing. Two couples in particular dominated the floor. One was Arnie who was dancing with a girl who I had not seen before. The other was Deana and another guy. All four of them began to embrace their partners simultaneously. They were pushed against each other and they appeared to be having intercourse, standing up, in the middle of the dance floor. The four of them toppled down together. They lay together in the middle of the room. The two guys were on their backs; the two girls were kneeling upright straddling their respective partners. The two girls were moving their arms, hands, heads, and bodies to the music that was playing. The strobe light was flickering over them. At one point the two girls hugged and kissed each other. A circle of people were seated around them, watching. Greta and Rodney were on the west couch and Greta was rapping about the fact that the girls were on the top whereas, as far as she was concerned, the men should never allow this. The self proclaimed god was bowing and chanting praises of the miracle he had performed. Andrea was bragging to someone nearby, "that's Ernie, the guy I brought, out there in the middle of that." I found myself seated beside Melina, who I had not realized was at the party. She was sitting there, cross-legged, quietly watching everything. I got up and walked around to the other side of the room. Joe was standing beside the strobe light, watching dispassionately as though nothing unusual was happening. A few minutes later the two couples got to their feet, the girls helping the guys up. They walked briskly out and into the orgy room. Most of the crowd of watchers followed them.

I went in myself. The two couples who had just been on the floor of the living room were now fucking, a few feet apart. This time the guys were on top and the girls were on their backs beneath them. I went over and lay down between them. A few minutes later Deana and the guy she was with stopped. He slid off her. She lay there smiling with her legs still spread apart. I began to kiss her. The guy got up and walked away. I minute later another guy with straight black hair that dropped well below his ears came up and began to perform cunnalingus on her. After several minutes, he moved up over her body. I pulled away and they began to make it. As I lay there looking at that guy, it occurred to me that I had seen him somewhere before. I did not know where but I thought and thought. As Deana's legs came back and he put his arms over them, I suddenly remembered. About two months earlier a photographer in Berkeley had shown me a picture of a couple engaging in sexual intercourse. This was the guy I had seen in that picture and now he was occupying exactly the same position he had used in the photograph. It was easy to see that he was no beginner. As I looked around, it occurred to me that there were few present who appeared to be new at this game. Perhaps, I thought, a visiting convention of sexperts was in town and they had decided to converge on this party. Later, I felt that probably Berkeley was full of unsung sexperts and this was a natural place for them to come.

By this time Ernie and the girl he was with were fucking, but not so intensely as before. A man in his 40's stuck his head in the door: He said:

"Good-bye, Zona, I'm leaving now."

"Good-bye," the girl with Ernie replied.

"Who was that?" Ernie asked

"That was my husband. He was feeling tired tonight so I guess he decided to leave early."

There was relative silence as Ernie continued to work his body in and out. About a minute later the girl said:

"What's your name?"

"Ernie," replied Ernie.

"I'm Zona."

"Yes, I know."

"Ernie. So you like me? I like you. I want you to like me."

He did not reply but started to move his body more and more vigorously. A few moments later Zona pulled her legs back again. Ernie was pounding away.

As I looked around the room, I saw that Vernon, the horny man, was laying in the North East corner of the orgy room with a girl. I suspected they had been there for hours because I remembered hearing them talking while I was making love to Deana. I decided to go over and say hello to Vernon. When I got over he introduced me to the girl he was with, Judith. She smiled. Instinctively, I leaned over to kiss her. She grabbed me and pulled me down to her. Seconds later Vernon got up and walked away. Judith wrapped her legs around me, apparently expecting me to fuck her on the spot. I realized that she had been watching while I made it with Deana and Laura. Unfortunately, I felt that I was not quite man enough for the task. I tried to get something going but I wasn't even close. Finally I slid back and felt around for her clitoris. Once I had located it, I began to lick around it, trying not to push on her too forcefully. I had a whole theory on this but apparently Judith was not familiar with it. She pushed her cunt into my face. I worked my tongue more vigorously and pushed harder. I realized, however, that this was not what she wanted. She wanted me to fuck her and it was highly questionable whether I would be able to do it. I rubbed the lower half of my body around trying to become erect. It took me several minutes but finally I decided I was ready. I moved up again and, after a concerted effort, I was able to break my way into her. She felt warm and soft inside. A bit too warm and A bit too soft, I concluded, as she began to move her body around. I ejaculated very soon. This time, it seemed hopeless. I was still inside of her but I could feel that I was almost completely limp. I was afraid to make any sudden moves because I thought it would come out. If that happened, it would be permanently out.

While we had been making it, Ernie had run up to her right side and dangled his penis near our heads. I thought it was an incredibly uncool thing to do until I saw Judith grab for it and pull it into her mouth. Now, as I glanced over my shoulder, I noticed several males waiting behind me. "aha!" I thought, "Perhaps they can succeed where I have failed." I slid off to her left side and began to suck on one of her breasts. Almost predictably, a guy moved in and began to perform cunnalingus on her. Tom began to rub on her right leg with his hands. That made four of us, counting Ernie, that had some contract with her. Perhaps two minutes later the guy who was lying between her legs moved up and into her. He pushed himself in and they began to have intercourse. I had moved away but still had one hand on her breast. Now it was sandwiched between them. It was obviously serving no useful purpose so I pulled it out. For a while, I lay along side them, about a foot away. I realized that was a mistake when a guy came along and lay across one of my legs as though it wasn't even there. He worked his hand in between Judith and the guy who was fucking her. I could see that his plan was to rub on her clitoris while they were fucking, thereby hopefully combining the best of all possible world as far as she was concerned. I did not wait around to learn how successful he would be. I hastily pulled my leg out from under him before he broke it and got up to walk away. The guy who was on top of her, slid himself back and off. Tom, who was still rubbing on her right leg, was ready to replace him. He came in heavy and strong. I made my way over to the door stepping over several bodies in the process. I wiped some wheat off my body. I didn't know whether it belonged to me or to someone else. At the door I turned around to see what had happened since I had left. Tom was hammering on her. Ernie had gotten up but Judith had turned her head to the other side. She had grabbed a hold of the penis of the guy who had been trying to rub on her clitoris. She was pulling it to her face. Another guy had moved by her right and was rubbing on her breasts. Roy was waiting behind Tom. He looked ready to go. I had seen him in action already and knew that he had a forceful approach. I knew that Judith was a fairly petite slender girl. I left the room, wondering how long she would want to stand up under such intense pressure.

I tried to go to the bathroom, but it was locked. Instead, I went into the living room and sat down. The strobe light was still going but only one couple was dancing. It was Deana and some guy. The Beetles Revolver album was still playing. It had been playing all evening. Joe had been there all the time going over to the record player every fifteen minutes to turn it over to the other side. By now, every note had been indelibly recorded into my memory. Listening to the album was a visual orgy. Deana and her dance partner left the room. Several minutes later Roy came out with an announcement. He asked for men with erections offering a woman to all applicants. Nobody accepted. My eyes wandered aimlessly around the room. I felt completely helpless. Receiving no response, Roy turned around and went back.

The party began to break up. Several couples made their way to the large clothes closet and began rummaging around for their garments. Roy and Deana came out and they and several other couples talked about going out to eat together. They got dressed and left. Judith and Vernon came out. I came up to Judith as she was fastening her garter belt and asked her why she was leaving so soon. She said that all the men had run out on her. I asked for her last name and address. She replied: "I better not give it to you. I don't think my husband would be happy to learn that I came to this party." She dressed and left soon, as did several other people.

The party, however, was not quite over. After the mass exodus, a small group remained. The ones I knew were Tom, Henry, Rodney, Greta, Zona, Bertrum, and the glassy eyed young girl I had seen at the beginning of the party. Her name was Sharon. There were also other people present. One couple was fucking on the couch on the West side of the living room. A guy was laying, apparently asleep, on the other couch, other people were standing around talking. For a while, Greta was engaged in a conversation with Zona. Late in the evening, Zona, who had arrived at the party at around midnight, had recognized Greta's voice. It turned out that they both worked in the same office. They had spent some time standing around talking about their boss and about things in general. Naturally, Greta was clothed and Zona was nude while they talked. One effect this had was that Greta had ceased rapping and appeared to be much more tolerant of proceedings.

I decided to try to play a game involving the use of whipped cream. The basic plan was to squirt some whipped cream on someone and lick it off. I had bought four cans for this purpose but had forgotten about them. Now, I went over and picked one up. I explained the idea briefly and asked for volunteers. Zona expressed her willingness by standing upon the benches on the South side of the kitchen table. I shook up one of the cans and sprayed some whipped cream on her breasts and on her cunt. While I was doing this, she stood nonchalantly, arms hanging to her side, eyes staring straight ahead. One would have guessed that she did this every day. When I had finished applying the whipped cream, Tom began to lick it off her breasts and I went to work on her cunt. I licked, and licked, and licked, but I could not quite locate what I was licking for under all that whipped cream and pubic hair. She put one hand on my head and gently scope of the game. I put some more whipped cream on her breasts and licked it off of there. Soon we all tired of this form of recreation and she got down off the bench.

Later, a beady eyed Bertrum approached Sharon and, in his usual crude and ostentatious manner, asked her if she wanted to fuck. She agreed and mumbled a comment about her uncle. Tom took her in his arms, picked her up, carried her into the orgy room, and carefully laid down on one of the mattresses. Zona came in and sat down with a comment about the fact that now she was going to watch somebody else fuck for a change. Greta came in followed by a slightly tottering Rodney and a young blond curly-haired guy. Henry was the last to enter. Everyone else had left the party. Bertrum was erect and ready to go. I seated myself near the door and to the right of Zona preparing, at long last, to watch Bertrum fuck. I had always wondered what it would be like.

Bertrum moved his body forward and began to push himself into her. Sharon moaned something and I, who was nearest her head, barely was able to make out what she was saying. She wanted her Emco. By now Bertrum was part of the way in and I had to shout to him to tell him to stop. Sharon pointed over to the far window and gave directions. Tom got up, went over, and after a brief search produced a tube and applicator of Emco. He brought it back and gave it to Zona, assuming that she, as a woman, knew about such things. I assumed the same thing and sat there for perhaps a minute while Zona fiddled with it. Then I asked her to hand it to me. I, after all, knew about such birth control devices, having received a demonstration from a woman from Planned Parenthood. I filled the applicator, went over, inserted it into Sharon's vagina, and applied the Emco. Then, I returned to my former position and sat back to watch Bertrum in action.

I looked over and saw that Bertrum was kneeling there, absolutely limp. I looked up at his face, half expecting to see tears in his eyes. Sharon was lying, flat on her back, with her legs spread slightly apart. She was patiently waiting for someone to fuck her. I was sure it was not going to be me. Rodney and Bertrum seemed out. After a few moments, Henry came around, and Bertrum moved aside to surrender his position. Henry leaned over and began to perform cunnalingus on her. I sat there and watched as he went through his routine. First he licked on her although this time he spent about ten minutes, much longer then he had with Deana. Then the pulled himself up, pushed himself in, brought up her ankles to his neck, pushed his body and her legs over, and began to huff and to puff. Feeling in a philosophical mood, I sat there watching exactly the same thing I had watched earlier in the evening. As I observed his gradual build-up, I began to wonder how he could do it. It was hard enough to imagine it one time during the evening, but this was twice and I felt sure that he had not been totally inactive during the rest of the party. I heard him moan and groan and watched his face become contorted. I sat there cross-legged, chin in hand, trying to figure out what his secret was and why he was pushing himself so hard.

After he had apparently climaxed, he slid off. Sharon returned to her flattened position. She lay there and waited for the next taker. I began to feel more ambitious and decided that if Henry could do it, there was no reason why I couldn't do it. Before I had a chance to act Zona came barreling out of left field and threw herself on top of Sharon. They began to make it.

By this time, the educational value of this party was beyond dispute. I had never seen two girls make it before and I was surprised by what I saw. I had always assumed that two girls performed a form of 69. I found out that, in this case at least, I was wrong. They rubbed themselves together in much the same way that many of the heterosexual couples had done earlier in the evening. Sharon locked her legs around those of Zona. At first glance, most people, walking in the room would have assumed that it was a long-haired male on top of a female. Watching this reminded me of the theoretical significance of some of Maxine Sanini's "positions of sexual intercourse" which did not involve penile penetration.

Although Zona and Sharon were making love quite passionately, there seemed to be nothing unusual about that at this stage of the evening. I yawned, got up, and went into the kitchen. I rummaged about and located a coffee pot and some coffee grounds. I put everything together properly and put it on the stove. I came back, sat down, and watched Sharon and Zona make it while I sipped my drink. An estimated forty-five minutes after they had begun, they began to slow down. They made some small talk. Zona asked Sharon whether she wanted to make it with a man. Sharon did not appear to communicate any answer. I looked around the room to see if I could spot a man, man enough to make it with her even if she was willing. I could not think of anybody off hand.

They kissed and while they were kissing the rest of their bodies broke away from each other. Zona rolled over on her back and Sharon sat upright. Now, Zona was laying there, legs spread slightly apart, patiently waiting for someone to fuck her. I sat there for a moment wondering how Zona had happened to acquire such an exhaulted view of the males at this party. Then, feeling like a tired Sir Galahad off to save the damsel in distress, I made my way around in front of her, lay down flat, felt around for her clitoris, and, finding it, I began to eat her out. I was sure that I must have done this somewhere before. As I worked away I began to feel as though I were not quite so exhausted and not quite so uninspired. In fact, as Zona moved her body around in response to what I was doing, and, as I felt her legs along side of me, I began to be more and more interested in what Zona had to offer me. Sure enough, it took a little while, but I was able to raise myself up and move my body over her. Shortly, I once again found myself fucking.

About two minutes late I ejaculated. This was the third time tonight that had happened and I was beginning to be disgusted with myself for this reason alone. Fortunately I had more resilience this time and I kept on moving along without losing too much momentum in the process. As the minutes passed, I began to gain confidence in myself and I decided that there was no reason to prevent me from being as effective or as durable as I had been hours earlier with Deana and Laura. For this reason I was not surprised to observe that everything that Zona and I did almost exactly duplicated what Deana and I had done. If there was a difference it was mainly because Zona was nearing(?) the end of the old day while I was willing to count the current activities as part of the new day. Perhaps fifteen minutes after we had started, Zona's body began to slacken. Since my head had been lying over her left shoulder I had not looked at her face recently. Now I raised myself enough to observe that she was kissing someone to her right. Whispering in her ear, I asked her whether she wanted to continue to make it. She indicated that her preference was to give her new friend a chance. Receiving this response, I slowed down and, a minute later, I slid away from her. The curly-haired youth who was kissing her, came in and took my place. He had a soft and gentle but no doubt effective way of making love. I went back, leaned against the wall, and tested my coffee to see if it was still warm enough. It was not, but I drank it anyway. I sat there and my eyes followed the circle around the room. In order: Greta, Rodney, Bertrum, Tom, Sharon, and Henry were sitting and quietly watching. I sat there for a half hour while the lovers loved and the watchers watched. Henry got up and walked out of the room. A minute later I went out also. I came up to him as he was standing in the North entrance to the living room.

"I suppose it was a relatively reasonable party, don't you, Henry?"

"I don't know," he said with a dead pan face, "I didn't think it was too good."

"What?" I exclaimed, "You didn't... You can't mean it."

He looked up at me and broke into a smile. "You see," he laughed, "You were trying to blow my mind, and I blew yours,"

"I have to admit it. You got me that time," I responded.

A moment later, I said, "Tell me, Henry. Do you suppose it would be permissible for me to hold a party here next Saturday night?"

"Anything you want," he answered, "Just say the word."

"Great! By the way, what did you do all evening, I mean did you dance, or talk, or make it, or what?"

"I don't remember," he replied, "All I know is that I made it with five different girls."

"Who were they? I mean, who did you make it with?"

"I don't remember their names," he said, "but they sure were nice."

I could hear that the group in the other room was breaking up. They began to come out, one by one. They made their way to the closet and looked for their clothes. Zona said, "Let's see if I can remember where I threw my stuff. I was only wearing three pieces of clothing." After a short search she produced exactly that. Two blacks boots and a dress. She put on the boots and pulled the dress on over her head. Sharon said that she was hungry. I suggested that we got out eat together. Bertrum, my favorite orgiast, volunteered the use of his car. Zona indicated that she would like to join us and stated that she needed a ride home anyway. The four of us and the curly-haired youth went out together. As I walked out I glanced over at Greta who was standing off in the living room, head bowed, talking to herself.

Bertrum drove us to Tingo's on University Avenue. We went in and each of us ordered a Tingoburger. We sat down and introduced ourselves around by name. Only Bertrum and I had known each other before the party. The curly-haired fellow was named Peter. He said he was 19 years old and had just completed a four-day trip during which he had hitch-hiked from Indianapolis, Indiana. He had arrived on Telegraph Avenue at almost midnight that very night and asked someone for a place to crash. That person had referred him to Henry's apartment. He said that at about 1:30 a.m. he had come walking in the door, having no idea of what to expect.

"Welcome to Berkeley." I said, almost choking from laughter.

[End of this Section ]
[The next chapter is entitled "The Party of November 26, 1966".]

This story is about real events and real people. We have photographs of two of them, Mara Suviks and Deana Pino .

To learn more about this student club, see: My Halcyon Student Days , The Party of November 26, 1966 , Lisa Lindvall, Sexual Freedom Organizer , How we got Mara into Playboy Magazine , Mario Savio and the Free Speech Movement and Orgy Host Ordered to Quit House .

We were not merely throwing parties. We were also student campus revolutionaries in our spare time. Here is a picture of me in the San Francisco Chronicle for December 6, 1966 News Clipping of Sam Sloan, Student Striker, in December, 1966

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