Public Apology to H. Ross Perot

On May 1, 2000, I was startled to receive a telephone call and an e-mail from H. Ross Perot . It turned out that he had just now read my web page about him which has been up for more than two years since April 1998 which said that, while he was Chairman of the stock brokerage firm of DuPont Glore Forgan, all the queers had been fired.

Mr. Perot's personal assistant, Peter Altabef, General Counsel at Perot Systems, told me that when Mr. Perot saw this on my website, he called the man who had served as president of DuPont Glore Forgan while Mr. Perot was chairman of that firm and the president denied that any such thing had occurred.
H. Ross Perot
H. Ross Perot

Mr. Peter Altabef also said that Mr. Perot has done so much to help people that he should not be misrepresented in this way.

The person who I had believed had supplied me with this information was my long-time friend John Karmondy, who worked for DuPont Glore Forgan in the early 1970s, while H. Ross Perot was Chairman. He is no longer a securities trader and now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

I finally just got a call back from my friend in North Carolina who is now a professional driver and had not been home until now, and he informs me that I am mistaken. Nobody to his knowledge got fired at Dupont Glore Forgan on account of being a homosexual or because of sexual orientation, he said.

John Karmondy said that one girl who was extremely promiscuous and was sleeping with every man in the office got fired, but he does not know the reason.

He said that the people he knew who got fired, which includes himself, all got fired because they made bad trades, not because of their personal life. He mentioned the names of several of his colleagues who got fired, but in every case it was because they had had poor results as securities traders.

His supervisor at DuPont Glore Forgan was John Mann.

As an aside, John Karmondy mentioned one story about H. Ross Perot. H. Ross Perot came into the trading room where John Karmondy and the other traders were working and said, "Hi! I'm H. Ross Perot."

He stuck his hand out and shook the hand of a boy who did not work for DuPont but who was going around the trading room taking orders for coffee, donuts and bagels.

After H. Ross Perot had shaken the hand of the boy, the boy asked H. Ross Perot, "Would you like coffee, a donut or a bagel?"

This story made the rounds of Wall Street and everybody got a big laugh out of it.

I am amending my website right now and posting a public apology. I regret any trouble and anxiety the misinformation on my website may have caused to Mr. Perot and his supporters.

Sam Sloan

PS Mr. Perot did not threaten to sue me and in any event I do not bow to such threats. I am making this apology because my information was wrong and for no other reason. Here is what my website said, for which I am apologizing:

H. Ross Perot: Why Does He Hate Queers So Much?

Since at least 1970, when he bought the stock brokerage firm of Dupont Glore Forgan and fired all the queers, it has been well established that H. Ross Perot hates queers.

I would like to hear opinions on why he hates homosexuals so much.

Dupont went bankrupt only one year after H. Ross Perot took over. Without the queers around, the stock brokerage firm just couldn't run.

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