George Michael: He's as Queer as a Three Dollar Bill

The evidence is clear. George Michael, the famous rock star, was arrested in a gay boy's bathroom in Beverley Hills, California, for performing a lewd act.

Normal men do not have that burning desire to stand on a stage and gyrate in front of an audience. This is why so many famous actors are queer. Almost any male actor is suspicious.

Some are just stone cold queer: Meet Leonardo DiCaprio - Star of Titanic.

Others are closet homosexuals, like Ken Starr, whose own mother said, "He was not a bit girl-crazy." "He never did date girls to amount to anything. He was nice to all of them."

Here is an article: LEWD' GEORGE BUSTED IN BOYS' ROOM .

Here is a link: H. Ross Perot: Why Does He Hate Queers So Much?

UPDATE: From CNN News: Exclusive: George Michael acknowledges homosexuality .

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