William G. Petty runs again for Lynchburg Commonwealth Attorney

Why does the longest serving Commonwealth Attorney in Virginia keep running? Why doesn't he go out and get a normal job? Why must he always slurp at the public trough? The answer is simple and obvious. William G. Petty is himself a criminal. If he ever loses his position as Lynchburg Commonwealth Attorney, Petty will go directly to jail.

Will somebody please send me a picture of Bill Petty so I can post it on this web site?
City of Lynchburg

William G. Petty is among the most monstrous and vicious criminals imaginable. He puts innocent victims in long terms in jail, while allowing protected friends to continue their criminal activities. Jerry Falwell writes bad checks for millions of dollars, and owes more than one hundred fifty million dollars to people who have no chance of ever getting their money back, but Falwell never gets prosecuted as long as he stays in Lynchburg. Meanwhile, a young black man who writes a bad check for $25 will be sentenced to five years in prison.

Why do I say that William G. Petty is a criminal? Because he had my mother and my daughter both kidnapped, that's why! And then, to cover up his own involvement, he had me charged with the very crime which he himself had committed. In view of his personal involvement in the kidnapping of my daughter, Petty was asked to step aside by the Supreme Court of Virginia so that an unbiased prosecutor could handle this case, but he refused to do so, knowing that an unbiased prosecutor would charge him with the crime instead of me, a crime of which I can demonstrably prove that I was not guilty.

Everybody knows that Lynchburg has an image problem. But, are you, the voters, going to continue to allow a hard core criminal such as William G. Petty to continue to control the city? I urge you, the voters, to turn this vicious and evil monster out into the street. Vote NO on Petty for another term as Lynchburg Commonwealth Attorney.

Sam Sloan

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