Pokémon craze is sweeping the streets of America

I do not know much about Pokémon, but I do know that my daughter, age 7, screamed and cried for an hour until I bought her a deck of 60 Pokemon cards for $21.99 plus tax!

The next day, she demanded that I buy her a Pokemon plastic bag for $10.99 plus tax. This bag would not cost more than two dollars if it did not have a Pokemon on it.

I only know that there are 150 varieties of Pokemon and that a box of 60 Pokemon cards just cost me $21.99, which my daughter screamed and cried for, so I figure I better learn something about this right away.
Pikachu is the most popular Pokemon

I know that there are 150 Pokemons and that they can evolve their forms from one to another. My three-year-old step-daughter, Geeta, knows the names of many of them and was trying to teach me the names yesterday.

UPDATE: On November 2, 1999, my three children came to my house demanding that I buy them more Pokemon cards. I agreed to buy only one small pack for $6. Not satisfied with that, they screamed until their mother bought them another two packs.

My son, George, apparently found a rare card in his pack called Poliwrath. As we were walking down the street, George was admiring his new card, when a boy and his brother came up and asked to look at it. The boy quickly grabbed the Pokemon card out of George's hand and took off with it on a bicycle.

My son started screaming. I did not see it and did not realize what had happened, so I just told him that we were going home. It was not until we got in the house that I understood what had happened.

My daughter, aged 7, claims that she lost some of her Pokemon cards at school, but it is obvious that they were stolen by other kids.

UPDATE: Public School 111 has Banned Pokemon from the school.

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I will try to learn more about Pokemon, and when I learn I will tell you. Meanwhile, here are links:
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