Here is the airline reservation which Charles and Shelby Roberts made to kidnap my daughter, Shamema.

As can be seen, this is a reservation for Shamema Sloan to fly on Gulf Air flight GF 003 leaving Abu Dhabi at 9:00 AM on 8 OCT on a flight to London and then TWA flight TW 783 leaving London at 18:45 on 8 OCT on a flight to Washington.

The reservation shows that it was made by Holiday Travel, telephone number (804) 847-6668. The address given is HOLIDAY TRAVEL BUREAU INC. 727 CHURCH ST LYNCHBURG VA 24505.

Ten lines from the top of this reservation is: 3.NYC PTA VFYD W/JAY ROBERTS 10/3SE

Jay Roberts is the son of Charles and Shelby Roberts. He has worked in an airlines travel agency.

Nine lines from the bottom is: G- 1.OSITW CTCB WAS804 929 8888 B

The number (804) 929-8888 is the home telephone number of Charles and Shelby Roberts in Madison Heights, Virginia.

There were a total of three tickets. The price for the three tickets altogether was $4448.00.

My daughter, Shamema Sloan, was kidnapped from the front yard of my house in the United Arab Emirates on the afternoon of October 7, 1990 and taken on this flight to America. This is obviously clear and convincing proof that Charles Roberts, Shelby Roberts and their son, Jay Roberts, were involved in the kidnapping of my daughter. Nevertheless, the FBI refuses to investigate. I have never been able to get my daughter back.

Here is airline ticket: The Airline Ticket

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