Dracula Returns - Scandal in Rumanian chess

On the official World Chess rating list for January 1, 1998, someone named Alexandru Crisan was ranked number 33 in the world, with a rating of 2635.

In the July 1997 rating list, he was rated 2530, but six months later he was given 105 more points, without playing any known games.

A database of two million chess games on line shows no games by any player by this name in the current database of games played since 1990. Thus, he gained at least 105 rating points while playing no games at all.
Romanian chess "grandmaster" Alexandru Crisan

There are however 26 games played by this player before 1990. In general, these games are against low level non-master opposition and even then he lost most of the games. He did play grandmasters Mednis and Illescas, but lost both games.

Here is a letter I have received from Romania about this:

Very interesting your article. Thank you very much! Here in Romania, we have a big problem with a grandmaster. Alexandru Crisan is his name. He never was qualified in the national championship. He has not played any other tournament, except two competitions organized by himself and now he has realized a rating FIDE 2635!! He has no games published and no games in database national or international. That is not fair? Do you know or ever heard about this international grandmaster? Are such things possible in the rating list of the World Council? How to fight against this? How to defend other chess players? I will publish in my magazine your article if you agree.

In 1998, 1 January in the list of ratings he had 2635, but never his two tournaments been omologated by our federal council. So the results were transmitted to the FIDE by himself and surprising, we seen the new rating. After this, the federation investigated the situation and decided to ask to FIDE to take back 105 points made in his tournaments. FIDE accepted our position and done! But later the Ministry of Sport made himself investigations and nominated a new secretary of the federation to do what was not possible with us. So now is a big scandal because as I know after several interventions signed by a new secretary but under the order of the ministry he will receive the 105 points again. It is incredible! We have proof that the first competition was out of the regulation and the second was suspicious because of the high result 13 points out of 14 games.

Of course I think is better if you write about this case but if is possible not mention my name because of this case I have here a big scandal with my ministry, I think the question is political. So I suggest you can do yourself. If you can help us will be wonderful. Our fight, the federal council, Olympics chess players, and others honest people against Crisan, General secretary, one director and one minister of sport. You see, they have a power and we have the truth. The case is famous, about him was written in Europe Echecs, New in Chess etc. After retiring of the points we considered the case closed. Now is again possible to receive back 105 points. You can ask to the federation the published games of Crisan or the crosstable of the tournaments and matches played by him the last 5 years. To be send official. Please do something but protect us. We fight! The case is not moral for our young chessplayers who have their real rating and also for international chess grandmasters. Best regard, soon.

A leading chess journalist wrote:

Dear Sam

The case was closed to me but this gentleman is buying everything he can in Romania. He threatened me and phoned to FIDE officials in Lausanne changing his voice etc. We wrote a complete good story on this psychiatric case some six months ago.

It's pathetic that the beast is trying to get back but the Romanian players are under great pressure; and these public messages help to stop this man from coming back on the (late) FIDE lists.

You can use this message as you want.

Ch. Bouton/Europe Echecs

UPDATE: The following letter was sent from Romania on February 18, 1999:

Dear Mr. Sam Sloan, Because the Federal Council of the Romanian Chess Federation, 21 persons, did not recognized the results of two tournaments organized by Crisan himself, yesterday was dismissed by the Ministry of Sport. The President of the federation is the Governor of the Romanian National Bank. I am the primvice-president and others two are vice-presidents etc. The minister was basketball player. So all is finished. Here is very big scandal in press. The problem is if an organization elected can be dismissed by a governmental institution. But now all is possible.

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