I Must Admit This Girl Was Strange

She called me over to her table at the US Sportsmen's Club in Itawon, Seoul Korea, which is near the Hamilton Hotel. "A Good Place to Fuck a Nigger" were the exact words a Korean girl used to describe to me the Hamilton Hotel. I was not staying there.
Another Girl I Met in Seoul Korea

There were many obviously available girls in the US Sportsman's Club that night. This girl was not very interesting. Still, she called me over and insisted on making my acquaintance. Finally, I decided to give in and take her to my room at the Crown Hotel, where this photo was taken the following morning.

I must confess that I was worried. This girl was so strange that I was afraid that she might turn about to be a boy. I have heard stories about this sort of thing, but it had never happened to me. Finally, I got to the bottom of the situation and proved that she really was a girl.

She also showed me her US Passport. I could not believe that she was really a US Citizen, but apparently she was. Korean girls presumably go with American men to get out of the country. This one did not need that.

She kept threatening to leave my hotel room. I told her to go right ahead. I was not really anxious to do anything with her. By then, I had had so many Korean girls so easily that I was jaded and looking forward to a good night's sleep.

The lights were off. She slammed the door. I thought that she had left. But, she was still in my room. Then, she got into bed with me and proved that she was a girl after all.

I eventually gave in and fucked her two times that night. The next morning, I took this picture. Sorry that the photograph is so bad, but this is the only one I have.

Like almost every other girl I met in Korea, there was no charge for this one. She was free.

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