Results of the US Shogi Championship

1999 U.S. Shogi Championship
Hoffman Estates, Illinois, 10-11, April, 1999

The Elimination tournaments determined the overall winners of the "A" [U.S. Champ.] and "B" groups. All other class prizes were awarded on the basis of overall performance in a variety of events, which included: Qualifying round-robins; "1-1 playoffs"; Elimination tournaments; Team Competition; Handicap side games; And games against the visiting professional player. The chart below lists all games played by each player.

# Name		State	Rank	Rating	Qualify [Elim.] Team/ Hdcp./ or vs. Pro	Score
1.Asada, Ta.	CA	5D	2355	W3,W22	[W10, L11] L2,W11x,L36 B		4-3(5)
2.Kaufman, L.	MD	5D	2341	W21,W12 [L8] W1,W24 4p,L36*B		4-2(4)
3.Koyama, M.	MD	4D	2235	W17,L1,W16 [L12] W7,L36*B			3-3(3)
4.Uechi, R.	WA	4D	2235	L8,W18,W25 [L15] W25,W17 R,W36*B		5-2(5)
5.Tsuruoka, Y. IL	4D	2223	W11,W6	[W6,W8,L7,W9]	L11			5-2(8)
6.Ono, M.	CA	4D	2206	W23,L5,L19 [L5] L8,W14x,L36*R		2-5(2)
7.Asada, Te.	CA	4D	2194	L14,W27,W9[W19,W15,W5,L11]L3,W10x,L20RL	6-4(9)
8.Yoshinari, J. VA	4D	2190	W15,W4 [W2,L5] W6				4-1(5)
9.Fernandez, G. NY	4D	2189	L14,W27,L7 [W13,W12,L11,L5] W19		4-4(6)
10.Sato, Y.	NY	4D	2184	W20,W24 [L1] W30,L7x,W36*B			4-2(4)
11.Suzuki, Y.	 NY	4D	2147	W23,L5,W22 [W16,W1,W9,W7] W5,L1x		7-2(11)
12.Koike, M.	CA	4D(3D)	2014	L2,W19,W15 [W3,L9] W23,W15x,W36*R		6-2(7)
13.Ito, M.	CA	3D	2007	W25,W34 [L9] W20				3-1(3)
14.Ogihara, S. NY	4D(3D)	1948	W9,W7 [] L22,L6x				2-2(2)
15.Bekele, F.	NY	2D	1910	L8,W18,L12 [W4,L7] L12x,L36*R		2-5(3)
16.Hayashi, M. NY	4D(3D)	1848	L25,W34,L3 [L11] L34				1-4(1)
17.Masui, S.	NY	2D	1817	L3,L22[W26RL,W25R,L22B,L21B]L4 R,L36*2p	2-6(2)
18.Hanazawa, T. IL	1D	1673	L15,L4 [W32 4p,L21s] W21			2-3(2)
19.Dysart, D.	OH	1D	1673	W21,L12,W6 [L7] L9,D36*2p			2-3-1(2.5)
20.Kaufman, R. MD	1D	1629	L7,W29,W24[W24L,L27B]L13,W33s,W7RL,W36*RL 6-3(6)
21.Inoue, H.	NY	1D	1610	L2,L19[W29R,W18s,L27B,W17B]L18		3-4(3)
22.Sato, M. *	IL	1D	1600	W17,L1,L11[W28B,W33L,W17B,W27B]W14,L36*2p 6-3(6)
23.Wachi, K.	VA	1D	1498	L11,L6[L27L]L12,W24,L27,L36*2p		1-6(1)
24.Marino, G.	IL	1K	1493	L10,W29,L20[L20L]L28,L2 4p,L23,L&W36*2p	2-7(2)
25.Lamb, M.	MD	1D	1446	W16,L13,L4[W35R,L17R]L4,W29L,L&W36*2p	4-5(4)
26.Nagao, T.	IL	2K	1358	[L17RL]					0-1(0)	
27.Nakano, J. * IL	2K	1350	L9,L7[W23L,W20B,W21B,L22B]W23,L&L36*2p	4-5(4)
28.Hess, B. * OH	2K	1350	L32,L35 [L22B]W24,L&L36*4p			1-5(1)	
29.Krekeler, J. OH	2K	1323	L24,L20 [L21R]L25L,L&L36*4p			0-6(0)	
30.Kugai, S. * IL	5K	1050	W33 [L10]					1-1(1)	
31.Stryker, J. IL	6K	1040	W32,L35[L33 4p]L36*4p			1-3(1)	
32.Asada, Y. * CA	6K	950	L31,W28 [L18 4p]L36*4p			1-3(1)	
33.Sloan, S.	NY	2D	1739	L30[W31 4p,L22L]L20s,L&W36*4p		2-4(2)	
34.Omori	JA	3D	2003	L16,L13[]W16					1-2(1)	
35.Komatsu,K. * IL	5K	1050	W31,W28[L25R]L36*4p				2-2(2)

36.Ishikawa, A. JA	Pro 6Dan	W1B,W2B,W3B,L4B,W6R,L10B,L12R,W15R,W17 2p,D19
2p, L20RL, W22 2p, W23 2p WL24 2p,WL25 2p,WW27 2p,WW28 4p,WW29 4p,W31
4p,W32 4p,WL33 4p, W35 4p 	Score: 20 Wins - 7 Losses - 1Draw

Key: W= Win; L= Loss (if before a player's number) OR Lance[KYO] (if after
a player's number); D= Draw; s= Sente[1st move]; B= Bishop[KAKU]; R=
Rook[HISSHA]; RL= Rook+Lance[HISSHA+KYO]; 2p= 2 Pieces[NI-MAI]; 4p= 4
Pieces[YON-MAI]; []= Game played in the "A" or "B" Elimination tournaments;
*= Simultaneous game played against professional player OR Provisional
Rating/ Rank (if listed near the player's name); JA= Japan; x= Unratable
game due to short and unofficial time control; (3D)= Player was eligible
for 3Dan prize; ()= Adjusted Score (Games won in the "A" Elim. counted TWO
Here are the post-tournament ratings: Ishikawa 2680, Ta. Asada 2341, L. Kaufman 2337, Koyama 2219, Uechi 2229, Tsuruoka 2246, Ono 2150, Te. Asada 2168, Yoshinari 2224, Fernandez 2153, Y. Sato 2196, Y. Suzuki 2207, Koike 2057, Ito 2016, Ogihara 1984, Bekele 1919, Hayasi 1828, Masui 1797, Hanazawa 1675, Dysart 1709, R. Kaufman 1721, H. Inoue 1628, M. Sato 2142, Wachi 1499, Marino 1459, Lamb 1516, Nagao 1345, Nakano 1740, Hess 1281, Krekeler 1277, Kugai 1112, Stryker 1022, Y. Asada 953, Sloan 1716, Omori 1981, Komatsu 1107.

Prizes Awarded:
1st Place:	Suzuki, Y.	(NY) U.S. Champion & U.S. Amateur Ryu-O
2nd Place:	Asada, Te.	(CA)
3rd Place:	Tsuruoka, Y.	(IL)

Top 4Dan:	Fernandez, G.	(NY)
Top 3Dan:	Koike, M.	(CA)
Top 2Dan:	Kaufman, R.	(MD)
Top Shodan:	Lamb, M.	(MD)
2nd Shodan:	Inoue, H.	(NY)
Top Kyu:	Komatsu, K.	(IL)
2nd Kyu:	Marino, G.	(IL)

1st Place "B"	Sato, M.	(IL)
2nd Place "B"	Nakano, J.	(IL)
3rd Place "B"	Inoue, H.	(NY)

Team Competition Winner:	LA Shogi Club

1999 U.S. Shogi Championship & 4th U.S. Amateur Ryu-O Tournament
"A" Elimination Tournament

1) Kaufman, L. (MD)	5Dan					
			1) Yoshinari, J.	4Dan		
2) Yoshinari, J. (VA)4Dan
							1) Tsuruoka, Y.	4Dan
3) Tsuruoka, Y. (IL)	4Dan					
			2) Tsuruoka, Y.	4Dan		
4) Ohno, M. (CA)	4Dan					

5) Asada, Te. (CA)	4Dan					
			3) Asada, Te.		4Dan		
6) Dysart, D. (OH)	Shodan					
							2) Asada, Te.		4Dan
7) Bekele, F. (NY)	2Dan					
			4) Bekele, F.		2Dan		
8) Uechi, R. (WA)	4Dan

9) Koyama, M. (MD)	4Dan
			5) Koike, M.		4Dan
10) Koike, M. (CA)	4Dan
							3) Fernandez, G.	4Dan
11) Fernandez,G.(NY)	4Dan
			6) Fernandez, G.	4Dan
12) Ito, M. (CA)	3Dan

13) Suzuki, Y. (NY)	4Dan
			7) Suzuki, Y.		4Dan
14) Hayashi, M. (NY)	4Dan
							4) Suzuki, Y.		4Dan
15) Sato, Y. (NY)	4Dan
			8) Asada, Ta.		5Dan
16) Asada, Ta. (CA)	5Dan

"A" Semifinals		"A" Finals
1) Tsuruoka, Y.	4Dan
				Asada, Te.	4Dan
2) Asada, Te.		4Dan
					1st Place: Suzuki, Y.	(NY)	4Dan	
3) Fernandez, G.	4Dan
				Suzuki, Y.	4Dan
4) Suzuki, Y.		4Dan

3rd Place game:
Tsuruoka, Y.		4Dan
					3rd Place: Tsuruoka, Y.	(IL)	4Dan
Fernandez, G.		4Dan

1999 U.S. Shogi Championship "B" Group

1) Kaufman, R. (MD)	[-L] Shodan
			1) Kaufman, R.	[-B] Shodan
2) Marino, G. (IL)	[+L] 1Kyu		Semifinals
						1) Nakano, J.		2Kyu	[+B]
3) Wachi, K. (VA)	[-L] Shodan					
			2) Nakano, J.		[+B]	2Kyu
4) Nakano, J. (IL)	[+L] 2Kyu					

5) Asada, Y. (CA)	[+4p] 6Kyu
			3) Hanazawa, T.	[-s] Shodan
6) Hanazawa, T. (IL)	[-4p] Shodan
						2) Inoue, H.		Shodan	[-B] 
7) Inoue, H. (NY)	[-R]	Shodan
			4) Inoue, H.		[+s] Shodan
8) Krekeler, J. (OH)	[+R] 2Kyu

9) Sato, M. (IL)	[+B] Shodan
			5) Sato, M.		[+L] Shodan
10) Hess, B. (OH)	[-B] 2Kyu
						3) Sato, M.		Shodan	[+B]
11) Stryker, J. (IL)	[+4p] 6Kyu					
			6) Sloan, S.		[-L] 2Dan		
12) Sloan, S. (NY)	[-4p] 2Dan					

13) Komatsu, K. (IL)	[+R] 5Kyu
			7) Lamb, M.		[+R] Shodan
14) Lamb, M. (MD)	[-R] Shodan
						4) Masui, S.		2Dan	[-B]
15) Masui, S. (NY)	[-RL] 2Dan					
			8) Masui, S.		[-R] 2Dan
16) Nagao, T. (IL)	[+RL] 2Kyu

"B" Semifinals		"B" Finals
1) Nakano, J.		2Kyu	[+B]
				Nakano, J.	2Kyu	[+B]
2) Inoue, H.		Shodan	[-B]
					1st Place:	Sato, M.	(IL)	Shodan	
3) Sato, M.		Shodan	[+B]
				Sato, M.	Shodan	[-B]
4) Masui, S.		2Dan	[-B]

3rd Place game:
Inoue, H.		Shodan	[+B]
					3rd Place:	Inoue, H.	(NY)	Shodan
Masui, S.		2Dan	[-B]

1999 U.S. Shogi Team Championship
	Team		Result/Score	FINALS			Result	Score
DC Shogi Club		L	3-3
					LA Shogi Club		W	4-0
LA Shogi Club		W	3-3

Midwest Shogi Club	L	3-3
					New York Shogi Club	L	0-4
New York Shogi Club	W	3-3

Exhibition Match, Pro. vs. Amateur played at Bishop handicap [KAKU-OCHI]
Mr. Akio Ishikawa, Pro 6Dan, beat Mr. Takushi Asada, Ama 5Dan.


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