Antoaneta Stefanova, World's Number One Girl

The Queen of the Teenybopper Chess Grandmaster World Tour is Antoaneta Stefanova, World's Number One Girl Chessplayer, of Bulgaria.

Antoaneta Stefanova, 18, who is described by Pergammon Chess as "sexy, self-confident, sociable " is a (male) International Chess Master and is rated 2480 by FIDE.

Antoaneta Stefanova was born on April 19, 1979 in Bulgaria.

"Sexy, self-confident, sociable ... can we be talking about a professional chess player? Yes, we can. She's 18-year-old Antoaneta Stefanova from Bulgaria, who caught the world's attention in April by achieving a GM norm at a tournament in Hawaii. She already had five IM norms, but no title, as the Bulgarian Chess Federation was slow about applying for it. 'I get no financial support from my federation—it doesn't have money'," says Pergammon Chess, where her photo was on the cover. Here is that article.

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