A Typical Buddhist Temple in Thailand

In spite of its impressive appearance, there are a zillion temples like this one in Thailand.

Pictured in the photo are Shanti Vithanage, my daughter Shamema, my mother, Helen Marjorie Sloan, and Dayawathie Rankoth.
A Buddhist Temple in Thailand

This photo was taken in September, 1987. I had just brought Dayawathie, Shanti and Dhammika Abeysinghe with me from Sri Lanka to Thailand. However, I soon sent Dhammika back because she wouldn't put out.

Dayawathie became pregnant with our son Michael at about the time of this photo. Shanti became pregnant with our daughter Jessica three months later. Dhammika has since said that she is sorry. Last year, I received a letter from Dhammika. She wants a second chance. She wants for me to come to Sri Lanka and pick her up there.

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