Every time I take Icelandic Airlines, I do this at least once. I say to passengers sitting next to me: "I will show you how much I know about Iceland. See that stewardess up there? I will ask her what tastes worse, seal, shark or whale?" I know what her answer will be. She will answer 'Seal'."

Invariably, the passengers next to me will not believe me. They will not be able to imagine that this beautiful, snazzy looking stewardess has even tasted seal, shark and whale, much less that she knows which tastes worse, or even that there would be widespread agreement on this.

Finally, the stewardess comes. I say to her: "Which tastes worse: seal, shark or whale?

Invariably, when she finally understands the question, she answers "Seal".

It works every time.

Sam Sloan

Here is a link: My Wild Icelandic Girls

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