Memo of My Conversation with FBI Agent John P. Butler

On Friday, July 17, 1998 at 11:42 AM, I called the FBI in Roanoke, Virginia at (540) 344-5561. A receptionist answered. I asked to speak to FBI Agent John P. Butler. I was put on hold. Then, Butler answered the telephone. The following conversation ensued:

BUTLER: Butler.

SLOAN: This is Sam Sloan calling.

BUTLER: How are you doing, Sam?

SLOAN: Fine. How are you?

Shelby Roberts shortly after kidnapping Shamema Sloan

BUTLER: I am all right. Are you still driving a taxi?

SLOAN: No. I only drove for about a month. I still have my license though. It is interesting that you are keeping track of me.

BUTLER: I am not keeping track of you. You keep sending threatening letters to me and Morgan. Morgan is sitting right here.

BUTLER (Calling to former US Attorney Morgan Scott): I've got Sam Sloan here.

SLOAN: Good! I am glad that I have got the two of you together. The reason I am calling is I would like to know the legal reason you have for not arresting and prosecuting Charles and Shelby Roberts for kidnapping my daughter.

BUTLER: Sam. I haven't the slightest idea. I am not going to discuss it with you. Goodbye.

With that, John P. Butler hung up the telephone.

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