Accusations by Tom Dorsch against Sam Sloan are false

Dorsch forged his wife's signature on my nominating petition

Here is a subject I was planning never to bring up, but with Tom Dorsch attacking me 10-20 times every day on the Internet and accusing me of almost every crime known to humanity, it raises some questions:

When I ran for USCF President in 1996, I needed 10 signatures from voting members of the USCF. There were 413 voting members of the USCF, but getting 10 or them to sign a petition is more difficult than one might imagine, because almost all of them are either members of a political bloc or power group or else simply to not want to take sides or get involved.
Jerry Falwell squeezes the hand of Shamema Honzagool Sloan, daughter of Sam Sloan

Therefore, I was relieved when I received in the mail a nominating petition nominating me for USCF President signed by both Tom Dorsch and Carolyn Withgitt.

As it happened, their signatures were not necessary, because I got about 14 signatures, 4 more than the minimum. This was more than many other candidates. Bob Holliman for example got only 10 exactly, and only because he signed his own petition.

At the World Open on July 4th weekend, 1996, Carolyn Withgitt was an assistant arbiter, so I went up to her and thanked her for signing the petition nominating me for USCF President.

Carolyn was totally surprised and said that she had signed no such petition.

We both immediately realized that Tom Dorsch had forged her signature on the petition.

Meanwhile, the Don Schultz had conducted a campaign to find out who had signed my petitions. I had promised everyone who signed that I would do my best to keep secret the fact that they had signed, because I was a controversial candidate. In fact, several voting members told me they were happy I was running, but that they could not sign for me because they knew there would be certain and swift retaliation from the Schultz group if they did, especially since Don Schultz was notorious for retaliating against his "enemies".

Rachel Lieberman agreed with me and did not want to publish the names. However, a lot of pressure was put on her and she finally did publish the names of all the signers in the BINFOS.

If you can find that BINFO, you will see the names of Tom Dorsch and Carolyn Withgitt listed on it as having signed my petition.

Tom Dorsch also told me that he voted for me in the election. Although I received only 30 votes, almost all of them came from New York or California, so I believe that Tom very likely did vote for me.

However, now in the aftermath of the 1999 election, Tom Dorsch attacks me every day. I almost never respond to his attacks, because there would be no point.

For example, today he said about me on the newsgroups: "I am critical of a racist, degenerate, lying professional criminal who stinks up our newsgroup."

Dorsch also said today about me: "He knows you are a pervert, a liar, a racist, a sexist, and a degenerate convicted felon."

Dorsch also said today: "Degenerates like Sam Sloan, who would repeal the 18th Amendment, are, like Ku Klux Klansmen, rightly a despised minority among men of character."

Another thing Tom Dorsch said today is:

>Any thoughts on why the plane crashed? > >StanB

I don't know why the plane crashed, but I've often regretted that Ken Horne had the good sense to refuse to give Sam Sloan a ride.

Regards, Tom Dorsch

Also, today, Tom Dorsch said on the Internet:

"We know that you lie all the time. We know that every other sentence you contradict yourself. We know that you have committed a series of crimes, and done various stretches of time. What more do we have to know about you to know what we are talking about?"

This is only the beginning. There have been more than 20 separate Internet postings attacking me by Tom Dorsch today alone. Yesterday and the day before yesterday and for almost every day since he has lost the election in August, Tom Dorsch has made similar attacks on me.

Strangely, Tom Dorsch often cites me as a source of information as well.

There is no point to responding to these accusations. By the way, Tom Dorsch has also been attacking a long list of other people, including Former Executive Director Mike Cavallo and Tim Hanke, who was the USCF Press Officer at the FIDE World Chess Championship in Las Vegas, although his attacks on me are more virulent than his attacks on the others.

I will not respond to these attacks, but I will say that I am not a career criminal. I have not served stretches of time. I was a political prisoner in Afghanistan during the War in Afghanistan, but was never taken to court or charged with a crime, because the judges of the courts were either in jail with me or had already been executed.

The only time in my life that I have ever been prosecuted for a crime was when Charles and Shelby Roberts kidnapped my daughter, Shamema, and then had me arrested 15 times for trying to get my kidnapped daughter back. They were able to have me prosecuted because the police, the judges and the courts in Lynchburg, Virginia are all controlled by the Jerry Falwell Organization, the same organization that conducted the kidnapping of my daughter. After having me arrested 15 times on false charges, the Falwell Organization was able to get me convicted one time only, and that time was on a charge which was demonstrably false.

Perhaps the United States Supreme Court has been reading my web site, because last week the Supreme Court granted certiorari on three Virginia Death Penalty Cases. I have repeatedly complained on my web site about innocent men being sent to their deaths in the electric chair by the corrupt judges in Virginia.

The question is: If it is true that I am all the terrible things which Tom Dorsch says that I am, then why did Tom Dorsch sign the petition nominating me for the presidency of the United States Chess Federation in 1996, and why did Tom Dorsch forge his wife's signature on the same petition?

Sam Sloan

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