Viruses on the Internet

There are thousands of viruses circulating on the Internet. Dozens more are created every week. The primary creators of viruses are high school kids who think it is funny to destroy millions of computers.

Recently, more dangerous viruses have appeared. They do not destroy your hard drive. They do something worse. They transmit information about you back to home base. This may enable the operators of the home base to rob your bank account.

One such new virus is the Bad Trans B. It sends an attachment which is exactly 29,020 K.
Passion Julinsey
She gave me a virus. Has she got over it yet?

Most of the new viruses are transmitted using Microsoft Outlook Express. The virus reads the addresses in your address book and sends the virus by e-mail to eveyone in your address book. It starts to work on your computer regardless of whether or not you open the attachment. You do not even know that these e-mails are going out.

MicroSoft Outlook Express has security holes which enable viruses to invade your computer without you knowing about it. These security holes were created so that Bill Gates can send you his propaganda.

What you should do:

The two primary anti-virus programs are Norton and McAfee. You absolutely should never use your computer on the Internet if you do not have at least one of these anti-virus programs running, and preferably both. You must also update your anti-virus program at least twice a week because of the new viruses constantly coming out. Even that will not fully protect you. When a new virus comes out, it replicates itself millions of times within a few days and will often hit your computer even before McAfee and Norton have developed an antidote. When the BadTrans B virus came out in December, it took five days before either McAfee or Norton had found a way to stop it, and by that time almost everybody had received it.

You should avoid using MicroSoft Outlook Express. It comes with the Windows Operating System. You should delete it, unless it is absolutely necessary to keep it.

Read this, which explains how the BadTrans Virus works:

The SirCam Virus comes with the following message:

"Hi! How are you?

"I send you this file in order to have your advice

"See you later. Thanks

"Attachment Converted:"

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