The SULFNBK.EXE Virus Hoax

This letter is a well-known virus hoax.

This is a hoax. SULFNBK.EXE is a Windows utility which comes with every Windows Operating System. If you fell for this hoax and have followed these instructions already, you will now need to restore SULFNBK.EXE to get your computer operating properly again. This is known as the SULFNBK.EXE virus hoax. It even comes in seven different languages!

The following web sites deal with this hoax:

Here is the letter you will receive:

I received an email from a friend about a virus she was concerned that she had sent to me. I did find it in my computer and have deleted it with no effects. I recommend that you do the same.

I received an email today that advised me that they may have forwarded a virus to my system which attaches itself to your address book. I checked, found it was there and may have passed it along to you. This is a "sleeping" virus and activates at a later date. It deletes all files and directories on the hard drive and spreads itself through email.

Here is what to do:
Click -- Start, then "find", then "files or folders"
type in SULFNBK and search in drive "c"
This is an exe folder. If your computer has the virus the program will
appear in the search result area. "DO NOT OPEN" Click on edit, select all,
then hit your delete button on the keyboard. Immediately remove from your
recycle bin.
If you found the Virus, then you need to email everyone in your address book. >>

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