Magurder Cult Apology ??

To the USCF members in the State of Nevada. Many of you have received a maliciously deceptive mailing by Allen P. Magruder about the 12th of October. What Magruder deliberately hides from you is on page 17 of that mailing. The key phrase on line 11 "without prejudice." This meant that the judge requested the case refiled, which your State affiliate is doing, breaking the case down into less complicated parts. We have retained additional attornies and have done so, as well as other appropriate actions required as well. We have been informed that the so-called injunctions claimed by Magruder are not in effect, and therefor on advice of our attornies proceed, business as usual. You will notice there where no injunctions granted with regards to the attempt of USCF to revoke or suspend my TD certification, as the June 26, 1996 hearing was held under the Nevada Administrative Act NRS 233 and the result was the USCF did NOT prove its case, and I am a TD in good standing. If they choose to libel and assert otherwise, it is to their detriment. As such the USCF is trying a new tactic. Revoking various Nevada affiliates. Perhaps they figure that in trying this illegal action they can prevent numerous Nevada TD's such as myself, Greg Niemi, Tom Klem and others from making use of their valid TD licenses. It won't work. We have unlimited funds and will pursue these issues forever if necessary. Meanwhile our new attornies ask your help by signing the enclosed petitions. Since Nevada Chess incorporated in October 1996 and USCF illegally started allowing them access to our affiliate Id # T6009686, they have not been in compliance with State law, having not held a single election in over 2 years that was in compliance with the Association by laws originally filed that said ALL Nevada USCF members where automatically awarded the right to vote, and without ANY poll tax (Magruder dues). Your signing of the petition will allow a takeover of Nevada Chess Inc. and a CPA conducting of valid fair elections. It will then be interesting to see if USCF instigates setting up another bogus State affiliate then. If so, we'll pursue it, too. In the meantime, we encourage your support and turnout at legitimate Nevada State Chess Association State affiliate events. Further, Please sign up to be a USCF TD and spread the # of chess events. Please sign and return the petition ASAP.

Stan Vaughan 3612 N. Silver Sand Ct. N. Las Vegas, 89030-7688


Whereas, Dean Heller, the duly elected and qualified Nevada Secretary of State, certified that NEVADA CHESS, INC, did on October 25, 1996 file in his office the original Articles of Incorporation, and that said Articles are now on file and of record on the office of the Secretary of State of Nevada, and further,

that said Article "Membership" of said articles on file with the Secretary of State states "Any Nevada resident who is a current USCF member is automatically a member of the Nevada State Chess Association, Each member is entitled to one vote on any issue put forth by the Executive Board for ballot..",

we the enclosed petitioners request the District Court to compel elections and direct that they be held as follows:

That upon receipt of court order received by Stan Vaughan, 3612 N. Silver Sand Ct. N. Las Vegas, 89030-7688 and duly elected Secretary of the Nevada State Association, that he on our behalf and the members of the Corporation Nevada Chess, Inc., as stated in Article 3 of Articles of Nevada Chess, Inc. on file with Secretary of State, do send to each and every member as defined by said Article 3, a nomination form to be returned, along with candidate's acceptance of nomination to:

Stan Vaughan, Secretary, Nevada State Chess Association, 3612 N. Silver Sand Ct. N. Las Vegas, 89030-7688. And that 10 days after the deadline for postmarking of nominations, a ballot be sent for mail ballot election of all 10 offices of Nevada Chess, Inc., in accordance with Article 4 section 2 "mail balloting" for tabulation by the CPA third party of Sanford and Co. CPA's 801 N. Ranchero Drive Suite E3A Quail Park 1, Las Vegas, Nevada 89016, along with a question to be voted on as to whether Allen Magruder was authorized to change the name of the organization from Nevada State Chess Association, as stated in the Article 1 of said filed articles which state "the name of the organization shall be the Nevada State Chess Association." Further, that if the membership per article 3 decide in the negative, that the US Chess Federation be so notified. Said ballot to mailed by Stan Vaughan to each and every article 3 member of Nevada Chess Inc. Further, that to be in compliance with NRS 82.326, that the mail ballot state that a minimum of 50 written ballots must be returned by mail for the election to be valid, (2) that the deadline for postmarking of the ballots be listed (no later than 30 days after ballots are mailed out) (3) that the director elections are by a simple majority of returned ballots.

Name (printed) signature & date USCFid# mem. expiration

Return petition to: Stan Vaughan 3612 N. Silver Sand Ct. N. Las Vegas, 89030-7688

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