I Still Want You Back

Dearest Passion,

Perhaps I was mistaken. I remember looking at the CALLER ID just before you left, seeing the numbers there, in particular the number when your mother called.

However, I believe you. I do not think that you are lying. Perhaps my memory was mistaken.

Still, you seem to have changed your tone again. This time you say: "I was praying for a change in my life and my wish came true. Perhaps there is a God after all."

However, yesterday, you said: "Everything has been crumbling around me."

Frankly, at the time you left, I was not terribly unhappy about it. There had been constant tension between us for the previous six weeks. It seemed that either you did not know or, worse yet, did not care how miserable, depressed and unhappy you were making me.

Nevertheless, during the past few days, I have started to forget the bad times between us and started to remember the good. As I think I told you once, a man will always remember a woman the way she was in her prime. Similarly, I seem to be remembering more and more the good times we had together, and forgetting the bad.

I do admire and respect the fact that you are a self-confident and even aggressive person who always strives for more and more, never satisfied with what you have now. I am sure you will be a great success some day. This is perhaps the main reason why I like you.

Still, I want you back. I hope you will remember all the things I did or at least tried to do to further your career. What you need now is a stable home life so you can concentrate on your bar exam and not be moving all the time. I believe I can help you more than anybody else would be willing to do.

John is asking me to move to a new house, just remodeled. I am going to go see it this afternoon. Whether I agree to move there or not will depend to some extent on what I think or hope may happen between us.

I still love you and perhaps I always will,


At 11:25 AM 1/25/98 PST, you wrote:
>Once again, you were too slow to realize that I deleted calls to me from
>the Caller ID unit on Saturday, January 17, even before you came home
>that night. Ever since that night, I have not entered your house nor do
>I have any intention to do so.
>If I hadn't gone into my former room today to collect my writing
>supplies, I wouldn't have known that you had called on Saturday.
>Starting tomorrow, a new associate will be sitting there. They told me
>that calls would be forwarded, but apparently that hasn't happened.
>You're probably not going to believe this, but it's the truth.
>I was praying for a change in my life and my wish came true. Perhaps
>there is a God after all.
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UPDATE: My Girlfriend Failed the Bar Exam Again. (She had me arrested so that she would have more time to study for the Bar, she said. She also stopped doing her daily pushups.)

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