M. Ismail Sloan
917 Old Trent's Ferry Road
Lynchburg, VA 24503

July 16, 1992

John P. Butler
Poff Building
Roanoke, VA 24011

Dear Mr. Butler:

I wish to draw your attention to another kidnapping involving the same group of people who kidnapped my daughter.

The enclosed newspaper photograph was carried on the Associated Press News Wire and appeared in most of the major newspapers in Virginia on June 23, 1992.

What this photograph appears to show is a woman named Becky Wray, who is the mother of two children, whom she is trying to coax into a cold swimming pool, in Lynchburg's Miller Park. The children are obviously in a state of anguish.

In reality, however, that woman in the picture is not the mother of these two children. That woman is a criminal kidnapper who kidnapped those two little girls off of a Greyhound Bus, while it was sitting at a rest stop in Roanoke, Virginia on November 15, 1990, just two days after I was arrested. The little girls were in the bus in the company of their natural mother and were on their way from San Francisco, California, where they were born, to Winchester, Virginia.

By prior arrangement, the woman in the photograph, her husband and another friend, knew that a bus containing three children would be passing through Roanoke at that time, and, when the bus stopped, they immediately entered the bus, pulled off the three children, put them in a car and spirited them away to Amherst County, leaving their mother behind, and before the mother realized what was happening. Then, two days later, they called the Amherst County Sheriff, who got the mother arrested. The mother was, by that time, in Lynchburg trying to locate and get back with her missing children.

The three little girls were born in California. They had never met Rebecca Wray or her husband prior to the incident at the Greyhound Bus Station in Roanoke. The father of the three children, Louis Camacho of the country of Bolivia, had just been awarded joint custody of the girls by the California courts about two months prior to the incident at the Greyhound Bus Station. The mother had thereafter been lured to Virginia with the promise to help her defeat the custody rights of the father. The mother had no way of knowing that actually she was stepping into a trap and that there was a plot afoot to kidnap her children.

With these facts, it should come as no surprise that the woman in the picture is connected with Charles and Shelby Roberts, and lives in Monroe, Virginia, about five miles away from them. Only in that way could she have known that there is a crooked judge in Amherst County, Virginia, who supports kidnapping and allows kidnappers to grab children in other jurisdictions and bring them to Amherst County. where the kidnappers are provided with a safe sanctuary and allowed to keep the children that they have kidnapped.

The modus operandi is the same as in my case. In both cases, the kidnappers are exploiting and taking advantage of a custody battle between the natural parents. In both cases, the children have no natural connection with Amherst Country; they are brought there by the kidnappers. In both cases, Judge Janow is the judge, Rick Groff is the case worker and Jean Higgenbotham is the supervisor. In both cases, the persons who kidnapped the child and brought the child to Amherst County are fundamentalist Baptists and are thereafter appointed as foster care parents by Rick Groff and thereby allowed to keep the child which they have kidnapped, with a view towards the eventual adoption of the kidnapped child.

The existence of this case, which so closely parallels my case, shows that it is not because of me that these things have happened. The real mother of these girls in the picture has only been allowed to see her children once since they were kidnapped. The natural mother had never previously been to Amherst County and does not know the location and has never been to the house in Amherst County where her daughters are being kept. Moreover, her case before Judge Janow is still at a very preliminary stage, whereas mine is in the appellate courts.

It could not possibly be just a coincidence that two such similar but unusual cases happened in the same back woods of Amherst County within a few days of each other. The only reasonable explanation is that the judge himself is crooked.

Any responsible foster care case worker would, upon seeing this picture in every newspaper, immediately remove the children from this foster care mother and place them with another foster care family. It is obvious from the photograph that the children are extremely unhappy and that the alleged mother is displaying callous disregard for their well being. This is what happens when a person who is not a relative is allowed to steal somebody else's child. Nevertheless, Becky Wray still has these two children, just as the evil Roberts still have my daughter.

However, at least these children are in a public place, so that their picture appears in a newspaper. My daughter, Shamema, is hidden out of sight. She can be found in the Temple Baptist Church, but, otherwise, nobody knows her whereabouts or her condition. My daughter will never been seen in a public place like the Lynchburg Swimming Pool, because the Roberts are keeping her hidden and guarded.

In other words, Judge Janow, who is supposed to be a judicial guardian of family rights, is actually a supporter of kidnappings by non-family members. There is no way to know how many other cases like this are going on in Amherst County, although the reputation of Judge Janow is that he takes more children away from their parents than does any other judge in Virginia.

I request that you arrest and prosecute the people involved, including especially the woman in the photograph and her husband.

Very Truly Yours,

M. Ismail Sloan

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