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We even got Snubbed by the Unabomber! Here at Ishi Press, we are so deeply disappointed. Back in February, we wrote a Letter to Theodore Kaczynski who, due to some unfortunate misunderstanding, has been labeled "The Unabomber", and offered to publish his work. However, he never replied to us. The New York Daily News reported Tuesday that the Unabomber offered his work to Simon & Schuster instead. What a let-down! Even the Unabomber does not want to get published by Ishi Press.
Chess, in Chinese

I am asked about this question all the time, so I might as well address it. Here is: My Friend, the Unabomber. Here is: The Unabomber's Manifesto, as originally published in the Washington Post, but with obvious typos and spelling mistakes corrected by Haji Mohammad Ismail.

In order to better follow the impeachment scandal, I searched for a list of all members of the United States Congress. To my great surprise, I could not find one anywhere. Therefore, I have created my own lists. Here are:

Official Opinion of the Court Massachusetts Supreme Court upholds reduction of charges in Nanny case.

Here are science and other articles:

Here is a story about a fine, Christian man who says that he has never in his life committed the un-godly act of sodomy (which in Virginia and many other states includes all forms of oral sex), not even with his wife. She divorced him, and now he says that he will get married to a virgin bride. He is the winner of the title of Moron of the Month. He is Nebraska Republican Jon Christensen, who is campaigning for election as governor on the ground that he is about to get married to a virgin.

He says that she has been saving herself for these 24 years, just for him. The virgin bride-to-be is Tara Dawn Holland, Miss America 1997. Naturally, Jon Christensen is heavily favored to win the election. If it turns out that she is not a virgin after all, will that be grounds for impeachment?

Earthshaking News: The Laws against Sodomy Have been Declared unconstitutional in South Africa. (I explained what sodomy is in a Biblical account entitled The Story of Lot). Poor, unfortunate Jon Christensen is in danger of running out of places where he can live, because They are about to make Sodomy legal in Rhode Island, too.

Here are articles about Children taken from Muslim parents and given to Christians by US Courts:

Last month was the celebration of 50 years of Sri Lankan Independence. Here is: Why is there a War in Sri Lanka? Here is: Rebels in Sri Lanka Fight With Aid of Global Market in Light Arms. Here is: 9 Killed as Suicide Bomber Strikes After Sri Lanka Festivities. Here is: I Cannot Understand Why These People Keep Blowing Themselves Up.

For nearly two decades, probably more people have seriously been trying to kill Velupillai Prabhakaran, leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, than any other person in the world. Last Wednesday, an Indian court sentenced Velupillai Prabhakaran to death in absentia, just for the little thing of Killing Rajiv Gandhi. Ha! Ha! Ha!. Here are: Rare Photos of Velupillai Prabhakaran.

Mayor Giuliani of New York City say that if the City's taxi drivers do not buckle under and obey him, he will allow unlicensed taxis into New York City. Does the Mayor really want approximately 15,000 - 20,000 unlicensed livery drivers who have never driven in Manhattan before to start picking up passengers?

He has gained political popularity by driving welfare recipients into the streets, and now the Mayor of New York is doing a "political no-brainer" as he calls it by attacking the city's beleaguered taxi drivers. This is a battle which the mayor and ultimately the city will lose. It he wants to carry out his plan, the Mayor Giuliani should simply pay back the $227,000 which each of the 12,227 medallion owners paid to the City of New York for the right to drive a taxi on New York City streets.

Here is: Mayor Giuliani Declares War on New York City Taxi Drivers.

From the AP News Wire: Virginia Girl, 12, Charged with operating juvenile sex ring. Girls in 7th grade were paid $5 to $10 dollars to have sex with boys.

I Need an Arab Doctor to Testify as an Expert Witness in a Court Case.

My web site now has more than 1200 pages. Therefore, I have modified a standard search engine so that you can now search my site exclusively. Here is: Sam Sloan's Ishi Press Search Engine.

Here are a couple of news stories: one funny, the other not so funny. The not-funny one goes like this: Science Fiction Writer Arthur C. Clarke expresses interest in children.

Now for the funny one: It seems that on November 20, 1996, a child was born to Dodi, of Princess Diana fame. He had wanted the baby aborted, so the mother went to Virginia, of all places, gave birth there and then gave the child away for adoption.

Now, with the death of Dodi in the crash, the baby as heir to the Al-Fayed fortune is potentially worth millions. She suddenly wants the baby back.

But Virginia is the Commonwealth where criminal gangs in black robes operate who regularly kidnap children and they never give them back. Here is the story about: Baby Dodi.

Here is more news: AP Reports: Jerry Falwell receives $70 million donation from tycoon.

Welcome Back Jerry! All is Forgiven.

On December 22, 1997, a United States District Judge ruled that the procedures required by New York State Law for a landlord to collect rent are illegal under federal law! This means: It is now illegal to collect rent! Now you can live rent free in New York City!

Here is the Court's Decision: Memorandum Opinion of Judge Lewis A. Kaplan.

Under Federal Law, your landlord's attorney or managing agent can be fined $1000 for every time he or she has asked you to pay your rent! Here is that law: Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

For nearly one year, one of the most popular pages on my web site has been about a rare variety of primate which, unlike their human cousins, has free sex all the time, swaps mates and never get in fights with rivals over sex. I have never indexed or told anybody about this page. Readers just seem to find it. (For obvious reasons, I was trying to keep this one a secret). Here is: Bonobo Society: Amicable, Amorous and Run by Females. UPDATE from CNN News: Little-known bonobos shed new light on human evolution.

I have now added music to many of my most popular web pages. However, I need music from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Burma and Korea in MIDI format to enhance my web pages dealing with those countries. Could somebody please send me some?

Subscribe now to: Sloan Management Review, the World's Leading Source of Management Innovation.

Hartland Snyder has filed for Bankruptcy (again). Here is: My unfinished letter to Judge Montali.

Li Peng Lizards! I thought Zhao Ziyang, former General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, was dead. It turns out that he is alive but under house arrest. This letter, supposedly written by him, was smuggled out and is being widely circulated in China: The Zhao Ziyang Letter.

The world's greatest patron of the game of go died on August 27, 1997. He donated millions of dollars to the game. However, he was a controversial person and perhaps will not be well remembered for that reason. I only met him once and just barely knew him, but here is my: Obituary of Ing Chang Ki. Here is Another Obituary of Ing Chang-ki.

There are four kinds of taxi drivers in New York City: (1) Punjabis from Pakistan, (2) Punjabis from India, (3) Bengalis from Bangladesh and (4) Haitians. (They also allow a handful of token white Americans, Africans, Russians, Chinese and Vietnamese. There are no Mexican taxi drivers.) A New York City Taxi Medallion costs $227,000. I know that because I attended the auction on October 2, 1997. A medallion gives you the right to operate a single taxi in New York City. In addition, you must pass a written test. Here is: A Sample Taxi Driver's Test.

Here is: Sam Sloan's Proposal to Break Up the Adoption Racket.

For the past 29 years, The Ishi Press has been, and until recently was, the world's leading publisher and distributor of books and equipment pertaining to the game of go. On July 29, 1997, the game we have been promoting all these years finally made it into the Science Times. For a link to the Times article, see: To Test a Powerful Computer, Play an Ancient Game.

It happens to everybody. On Friday, May 23, 1997, I lost my job, so now I am looking for one. Here is my résumé: Résumé of Sam Sloan.

I lost my job because my company lost a court case. I also simultaneously lost my apartment, my wife, my child and my girlfriend, all because of a preposterous ruling by Judge Jose Rodriguez of the Brooklyn Landlord and Tenant Court. I am now appealing. I hope to get them all back. Here is my Landlord & Tenant Court Appeal. This case was scheduled to be featured on "People's Court". The judge was to be former Mayor Ed Koch. However, People's Court rejected the case after interviewing Al Fogelson.

Here is my latest hot photo: Free Pic of Chinese Girls Ready to Play.

A famous math professor has offered a prize of FIVE MILLION DOLLARS to the first computer program which can defeat a master at go. For information about how YOU can win this valuable prize, see: Five Million Offered to Beat Go Master.

Here is news about a future star of shogi (Japanese chess): Irina Rachel Novikov, Girl Shogi Player.

Here is where I live in San Francisco: The Bourne Mansion..Here is my living room: My Living Room.

I have houses for sale in Queens and Brooklyn: Houses for Sale. I have a Hotel for Sale on Copacabana Beach: Hotel for Sale in Rio de Janeiro.

William G. Petty, the arch-fiend criminal who conspired to kidnap both my mother and my daughter, and who then had me convicted of the crime which he himself committed, has once again been elected Lynchburg Commonwealth Attorney, by unanimous vote of 12,542 to zero! The people of Lynchburg have once again shown that they support criminals in their government. See Petty Wins Again!

Two of the most vicious and evil monsters imaginable are now up for reelection or re-appointment. These are Judge Lawrence Janow of Amherst County, Virginia and William G. Petty, the Lynchburg Commonwealth Attorney. William G. Petty must stand for re-election in November, 1997. Judge Janow is up for re-appointment in January, 1998. Janow and Petty were co-conspirators with Charles and Shelby Roberts in the kidnapping of my daughter, Shamema, along with Morgan Scott, a US Attorney.

The crimes committed by Judge Janow and Public Prosecutor Petty are on the level of those committed by Stalin and Hitler. They have filled the jails and prisons with completely innocent men and women, while allowing their friends to continue their criminal activities. These evil and vicious monsters must be removed from society permanently. I want to organize a campaign against them, as otherwise it is almost certain that they will be re-elected and re-appointed. Corrupt officials like Janow and Petty never resign or leave voluntarily. They know that if they ever lose their public office, they will go directly to jail. For more about this, see: Remove Judge Janow and Do not Re-elect William G. Petty.

Regarding the Death of Deng XiaoPing and the changes this is likely to bring to China, see: On the Death of Deng Xiao Ping. The Chinese authorities may not appreciate me, but here is a letter I received back in 1967 from a famous associate of Chairman Mao: Letter from Anna Louise Strong to Sam Sloan.

Here is Commentary on Professor Berlekamp's Law Suit against me to Break up my Monopoly on Go (Case No. C 95-20678) Break Up The Go Stone Monopoly!.

For my latest motion in the Ishi Press case, see: Motion for Summary Judgment. For the deposition of Elwyn Berlekamp, see: Testimony of Elwyn Berlekamp. For the deposition of Nathaniel Berkowitz, see: Testimony of Nathaniel Berkowitz. For the reply declaration of Samuel H. Sloan, see: Reply of Samuel H. Sloan.

Honzagool became one of the most famous women in Pakistan because of this case. The Pakistan press often said that she was the most beautiful woman in Pakistan (although her own villagers said that there were several more beautiful girls in that village). Honzagool became so famous that even General Zia-ul-Haq, the President of Pakistan, came to her village in Chitral to see her. Here is my letter to General Zia-ul-Haq, the President of Pakistan: Letter to Zia-ul-Haq.

Judge Lawrence Janow, a judge of a Virginia Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, was involved in the conspiracy to kidnap my daughter. Here is my complaint against Judge Lawrence Janow which I filed with the Virginia Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission: Complaint to Reno Harp III. Here is my 1991 election circular asking that Judge Janow not be re-appointed: Don't Re-Appoint Judge Janow.

In 1995, I was invited to compete in the World Championship of Chinese Chess, held in Singapore. I had a poor result in the tournament. Afterwards, I traveled to Indonesia and Japan. Here is my report of the trip: My trip to Singapore, Indonesia and Japan. I received many letters as a result of this trip. Here are letters I received from Julia , and Yanti.

For Parties in San Francisco, see: Parties in San Francisco. For Dr. Laurence Badgley's glorious victory, see: Dr. Badgley wins in Court. For a Letter to the Bankruptcy Judge, see: Dr. Badgley's Bankruptcy.

We have cats for sale. Only $500 each! A bargain! Only a dozen left! Get 'em while they last! See: Persian Silver Chinchilla Kittens for Sale.

For Real Estate Investments for Japanese (Foreigners need not apply), see: Real Estate in Brooklyn. For an English Language version, see: Japanese Discover Brooklyn, Park Slope Real Estate and Apartments for Rent in Park Slope, Brooklyn. For tax consequences, see: Legacy of the Tax Reform Act of 1986.

On December 16, 1996, I thought I had received a break because the United States Supreme Court ruled in the case of M.L.B. vs. S.J.L. by a vote of 6-3 that the standard to be applied in a case to take custody of a child away from the parents must reach a level comparable to that applied in criminal cases and that the appellate courts cannot deny the right of appeal solely on the basis of inability to pay for a court transcript. That ruling should apply directly to my case, because I have had around 15 or 16 appeals dismissed by the Virginia appellate courts because of my inability to pay for the transcripts, and especially since my most recent appeal, filed on November 28, 1996, was still pending. However, this ruling has had no effect. Virginia does not care what the United States Supreme Court says. The criminal justice system in Virginia is a system where the justices are the criminals. As long as outright hard-core criminals like Judge Lawrence Janow and Judge Michael Gamble continue to sit as judges in the courts of Virginia, nothing will change.

The oldest known case of AIDS has been discovered. Here is: Scientist Find 1959 AIDS Case.

Here is important news about how you, too, can live forever (This has nothing to do with religion): Researchers Extend Lifespan of Human Cells Far Beyond Normal Limit.

Tapes just revealed contain the not-so-surprising news that President Nixon kept $300,000 in cash in a safe to pay bribes. They also confirm the long known fact that Henry Kissinger was (and still is) one of the truly evil men in history. Here are The New Nixon Tapes.

Here are four articles which appeared about bribery and corruption in Pakistan Bhutto Clan Leaves Trail of Corruption in Pakistan, A Background Check Far From Ordinary, An Opulent Estate, Quietly Bought in England's Countryside and The Gold Connection.

The "Big 8" accounting firms are now the "Big 6" and are well on their way to becoming the "Big 4", but federal anti-trust questions remain. See: Coopers & Lybrand Partners OK Price Waterhouse Deal.

Salomon Brothers has moved into Russia in a big way. Don't everybody rush over to Moscow at once, but there seem to be exceptional opportunities there. Here is some information I stole about: Capitalism With a Vengeance in Russia. Here is an article about Blue Chips in Russia. Here is my Ode to Salomon Brothers. Here is bad news about the War in Sri Lanka.

Here is a mailing I received from an organization calling itself the "Coalition of Parents": Coalition of Parents.

For legal documents, see :

My daughter, Shamema Honzagool Sloan, was kidnapped by Charles and Shelby Roberts, assisted by their son, Jay Roberts. Jay Roberts says that he is not gay any more and that he has learned the way of the LORD, but that he has Hodgkin's Disease. To learn about how Hodgkin's Disease tends to affect those who are HIV positive, see: AIDS Patients Face Growing Threat From Cancer. (Stolen from The New York Times).

Among my many good works is that I have been trying to help children find their real parents and to help parents find the children which they have given away for adoption. I am not opposed to adoption, so long as the children are allowed to know that they have been adopted and who their real parents are, but that is frequently not the case. Here is a letter I wrote which successfully united a long lost child with her real family, after I had been instrumental in finding the child: Desperately Seeking Susan. Here is the web page of a lady who shares my views on adoption issues: Denise Castellucci.

I have found that the judges of the courts often engage in criminal acts, such as kidnapping children from their parents and kidnapping elderly people, usually to get their money. One of the judges regularly engaged in these monstrous criminal acts is Judge R. Michael Smith of the Solano County, California, Superior Court. Here is a writ I wrote which mildly rebuked Judge Smith for his heinous criminal acts. Almost needless to say, the California Court of Appeal, on October 31, 1996, issued in the case of Rich vs. Moore a long opinion fully approving the criminal acts of one of their fellow judges. Rich vs. Smith.

Why do I say four times in the same paragraph that Judge Smith is a criminal? In part, because he made me stand up in court and threatened me with contempt and arrest just for writing the annexed letter to him. As you will plainly see, there was nothing wrong with or objectionable about this letter: Letter to Judge Smith.

For the Story of Doris M. Rich, see: Under House Arrest at Age 90. For the federal complaint by Doris M. Rich, see: Suit by Doris M. Rich. For the Motion by Doris M. Rich for a Temporary Restraining Order, see: Doris TRO. For the Petition for Rehearing by Doris M. Rich, see: Petition for Rehearing. For the complaint by Doris M. Rich to the California State Bar, see: Complaint to the State Bar. For the complaint to the San Francisco Grand Jury, see: Complaint to the Grand Jury. For the refutation to the report of the Court investigator, see: Answer to Report of Beth Rhea. For the opening brief of Doris M. Rich, see: Opening Brief. For the petition for review to the California Supreme Court by Doris M. Rich, see: Petition for Review. For letters about this case, see: Letter to Robert K. Bolt, Letter to John D. O'Hara, Letter to Judge Mike Nail, Letter about a new drug, Fosamax, needed by Doris M. Rich, Second Letter about Fosamax, Letter to James A. Moore, Letter to Tosh G. Yamamoto, Letter to Dr. Martin Blinder, Letter to Albert M. Lavezzo, Second Letter to Albert M. Lavezzo, Third Letter to Albert M. Lavezzo, Sixth Letter to Robert K. Bolt.

My company has been featured in a major Japanese publication on how to travel around the world cheaply. To see some neat color photographs of my building and even of my kitchen, see : How to Travel the World on a Budget (in Japanese).

It is now established that there might be life in the Moon. This is not a hoax. I read it in The New York Times. See: Men in the Moon.

Here are some media commentaries on the Kasparov - Deep Blue chess match:

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